Sunday, April 23, 2017

Lounging With Prince Rah-Im

Rise and shine everyone. It's a lovely day on Aurth, the realm where Acamas hails from.  And in that realm, on a bed, laying on satin sheets and goose down pillows is the sweet prince Rah-Im. At 27 years of age, he is a model of perfect for all his people to idolise.  He is the newest character by FallenAngel, here drawn in sensual style by Aneros.  Rah-Im is the star of a new manga series that FallenAngel has been producing for his Patreon site, though the character does appear off site in Fallens galleries as well.  The image below was drawn as a birthday gift to our friend.  The choice of drawing the prince was made by the many artists I asked to take on this task as well.  In the coming days you will see a few images of him, by some very familiar pens!
Aneros bestowed upon the prince a penis of great girth.  You can feel the weight of it just by looking at the image alone. . Jerking if off would take a warriors strength!  It would be surprising if the prince DIDN'T use this as a weapon in the battle field and the boudoir!!!   His balls are like two perfect jaw breakers, begging to be sucked.  Such an awesome picture!  There are two versions.  One with the foreskin a little tighter around the head, then the other!

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