Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cyberbot's Santana Gets A Rash By FallenAngel

Today's super sweet image by FallenAngel features two forgotten Capcom hunks; Santana from Cyberbots and Rash aka Jeff Perkins from Armored Warriors.  Rash was the original pilot of Blodia.  His game is often forgotten as it remains an arcade only title.  It is easily playable via Mame.  Unlike it's two sequels Cyberbots and Tech Romancer, Armored Warriors is not a fighting game, but a side scrolling beat 'em up like Final Fight.  I really enjoyed playing this title on Mame when I discovered it last year.  (That says a lot about the amount of great games the company made, that I am still finding older titles I haven't played almost 20 years later!)  Capcom sure spoiled us with a ton of studs back then. 
I don't recall ever seeing Rash, or Santana in a porn piece before, so I really wanted to be a part of the creation of one. (I did find one image of Sanatas cock, but it was super pixelated, so it doesn't count!)  It also says something about the sheer amount of hunks, when they have so many that they go underused, or never used by the gay art community.
I couldn't be happier with the way this piece turned out.  FallenAngel captures the men beautifully.  Sanata is one of his best. That hair is really epic.  Love that huge caramel chest.  Santana has two skin colours depending on who was drawing him back then.  We opted for the lighter one, but maybe we will do an alternate one day as well.  Rash, well he just falls perfectly into Fallens style.  Originally he drew both men buck naked and the bodies were so outstanding I was tempted to ask him to leave them that way.  There was no question who they were!  Fallen insisted on adding in their clothes to complete them and  yeah I am glad he did, cause they are wicked!

Here is some of the official art of these two.  There's not much out there.

 I think Justice deserves some porning up too.  

So what do you think of your first gay porn image Santana, you old womanizer you? 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Keep Your Loved Ones Close This Christmas

Merry Christmas 2012! It's Christmas morning!!! The sun isn't up, but something else certainly is, after making this post! XD I want to present to you guys a very special Christmas card that Leon De Leon worked on for me. It features the theme of bringing loved ones closer during the holidays. Dimata and Holocene our ice age boys know all too well the importance of sharing a some body heat during this time of the year! :D This will mark the third time that Leon has drawn Dimata. He gets bigger and sexier each and every time! This is also the very first time he has drawn Holocene and he looks so fantastic. Holocene has some tight juicy foreskin that shows every curve of his mushroom head below. YA-UM!  Holocene is adorable, with his little red nose.  Dimata and him are going so share some Eskimo kisses very soon.  (Right after they stop rubbing their rock hard nipples together that is!)  A lovely picture I hope you guys will all 'enjoy' this wonderful day!

My original concept sketch! Hee hee.

Oh boy Sandy Clause came to my house! I hope I get a Santa Sonic in my stocking! XD Yeah right! Fat chance.  This little guy went for over $150 on E-bay.  Tales below went for $50.  I didn't see the end price of Dr. Eggman, but I don't doubt it was high! 

 Believe it, or not, this is my stocking! I got it this year on E-bay. Yes I love the Flintstones!

In the link I gave yesterday there was another link to a holiday bundle download.  The bundle includes all the special Christmas images that Class Comics have given out over the years.  Out of the set these two images are my favorites. I would really love to see that Christmas costume work it's way into a Zahn comic one day.  God, he is sexy in it! XD     Gosh, can you imagine the orgy that ensued after the carols were done in the image below?  I bet all the snow melted!  Wouldn't it be nice if Strider was included here too? Hmmmmm.... Maybe that wouldn't be so hard to do...

That three way frot makes me dribble! 

UPDATE!!! Look what I did! 
 Strider Joins In The Caroling!!! 
Enjoy guys!

Look out for Squishes in your stocking! I have an ornament that is based on this image.

Looking around the net last night I found this image of what can only be called a 'Christmas Angel.'  He was given the nick name Hot Wings. They are very tiny, like Kid Icarus's! I only found this one image.  I wonder if there is a set?

LOL, I watched this Johnny in the box video before going to sleep last night.  It has a bit of a Christmas theme to it.  The guy gets a doll that magically comes to life when he puts his dick in it's mouth. Oh the magic of precum!  It's actually very nicely done.  What gay guy wouldn't want a sexy doll that comes to life just for sex under their tree?  It starts off in black and white.  Pretty classy and very original. I recommend it.

Going around the net yesterday I came across a lot of hot images. Here are a few I wanted to share with you guys! (I hope the artists don't mind!) 

MioWorks posted this gorgeous chocolate Santa, lovenly sprinkled with coconut flakes. Yum, freaking yum.  Mio, you made a feast that will ease the hunger of the entire gay world this year my friend! NICE!
Check out MiOWorks blog and tell him what you think!

 Gene Lightfoot aka Skyboy16 did a extraordinary amount of hot Christmas related images this year.  Out of his set, this one with the two lovers banging against the window, while the Frosty with the repurposed 'nose' watches was my personal favorite!
To check out all the images check out his December 2012 post:

My dear friends Guytoonist and Aneros came up with some wicked images.  Guytoonists one eyed Christmas Pirate is certainly one of the 'ass' variety.  If he holds me up with that candy cane, I may force him to use it... ;D 

Voider/Aneros spoke with me just a few days ago regarding ideas for his holiday themed image.  Rudolph was one of his first ideas and after seeing the completed image, I am overjoyed he stuck with it.  I think it turned out to be a perfect mix of human and animal features. This raindeer is getting me hard just typing about him! He's so fucking fine!  
*fap fap fap fap fap fap* 
Okay now I can continue! XD Joking! Seriously though, he is just so beautiful. What I love the most is how that giant red dick head works on this character.  How many uncut guys have you we all seen out there with red heads that almost gleam in the night?  Pretty genius.  It works on so many levels. :D  

Well guys that's about it for today! I would also like to recommend checking out Icy Hydarias Christmas post.  It's jam backed with great sketches!  
 And don't forget to check out FallenAngels blogs for a large variety of hot Chirstmas images as well! You can even send your straight buds down the Fallen path! :P

Merry Christmas One and All!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Strider The Centaur Carols On Christmas Eve With His Cock Out

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I hope you all have the day off and can spend it with family, friends and loved ones. I have to FREAKING WORK today. But before I go, I just have to share this gorgeous piece, the combined effort of Leon De Leon aka Urbanmusiq, Caravaggia and me. ;P I have been dieing to have Leon draw Class Comics Mighty Strider character for 2 years now. This Christmas I got my wish and I could not be happier. I wanted to surprise Leon and the good folks over at Class Comics, so I asked Caravaggia to whip up super Christmasy background. We talked about some concept and heck, she went all out. This revivals any Christmas album cover. (John Denver eat your heart out.) And now here is the Gay king of the Centaurs, caroling with his uncut cock out, for your viewing pleasure.

What is a really funny coincidence is that Class Comics artist Jacob Mott produced a Christmas Carol Comic written by Patrick Fillion this year for the monthly Strip Show! If features many of your favorite characters wishes everyone a merry Christmas through song. You can check out the full comic page for free through the link below the hot image of Diablo and Ghost Boy below.

Speaking of Strider, remember the poll I had up regarding Space Cadet Part 2? Wellm sometime in November Google was really messing up. The poll went haywire and never recovered. It happened all over the blogger. I was really pissed off, because the poll got a ton of votes. People continued to vote even after it recovered for a bit, but it kept resetting, so I took it down. It was nice to see that lots of you want to see what happens next to Space Cadet. I was also happy to see that each artist was getting a lot of love from their fans. I just wish Google could get their shit together. I am hesitant to put up another poll at this point.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Little Help With The Star

Lil' Deep gives  Holocene Toros a little help getting the star on top of the tree in todays holiday image by Rent!  I took a little inspiration from one of the Mario Christmas cards and a lot of inspiration from Rents signature hyper dicked dudes and came up with this concept for him to work on.  He made it super hot!  He even managed to thrown in some unexpected frotting! It was sweet holiday treat to have Rent take on both Lil Deep and Holocene again.  I love Holocenes outstretched leg. so SEXY! XD I also love the clever idea he had to bring in Lil' Deeps tail. I hope you all love it too! 

This is the first of three Christmas posts. There will be another tomorrow and one on Christmas day! I hope you guys will swing on by. :) 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Repent! The End Is Near!!!

Enjoy your last day on Earth people!!!  Ixy is getting ready to ring in the age of the sixth sun, while Nehme decides it's time to get the heck out of Mayan town. (After a little bit of healthy looting of course!)
A very Happy New Year to you all from FallenAngel, Lastmanouthere and myself.  (That is, if we survive tomorrow!)

Ken Masters In Real Life, Thanks to Sean Cody

Yesterday I stumbled across images of Ken III from Sean Cody. I doubt that Sean Cody, being the most unimaginative gay porn producers of all time, would even realize what they had on their hands. Kens father is Italian and his mother is Japanese. So he basically has the potential of showing us what Ken Masters might actually look like in real life. (Albeit a lot less buff.) It would have been really awesome if they had put him in a red dōgi and dyed his hair blond! With Sean Cody though, I'll take what I can get. He certainly is handsome. I wonder if someone knew, or if he himself knows the video game connection he has? It would explain the name. Was it all made up? There are guys out there that do look like Ken, like the guy from the fan made Street Fighter Legacy video. He kinda looks more like Jacob from Twilight to me. Still it's a fun coincidence.

Ken admires the technique of this one....

Monday, December 17, 2012

Angry Birds Vs Felinoids!

This was a silly idea I had in celebration of Cams new book Love Lost.  I know the artists Patrick Fillion was really into the video game series not too long ago, so I thought it would be funny mix these two franchises together.  This is the first time FallenAngel drew both Angry birds and the Class Comics character Immano.  The black panther man looks really good drawn by him!  We went back to the classic look of Cam for this one.  FallenAngel has Imanno picking up and befriending a green piggy, putting Cam and the gang on the wrong side of this war.  Cam survived the cock fondling by his crazy sister, but a long beak rammed right down his piss slit might prove to much, even for him!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Come Get Some Hunky Zebra Centaur

Here's a real nice treat for you Centaur fans. I got the Zebra Centaur lord as drawn by the extremely talented Aneros. He's a super stud, that comes complete with over sized cock and balls. NICE! Seriously..he better be careful while galloping. ;p He was coloured to perfection by the special lady that first penned this man stallion, Caravaggia. With these two talents combined he comes off looking shocking real, especially the Zebra part. Caravaggia provided a wonderful sunset backdrop as well as a blank white background version. Enjoy!


Aneros is currently up for commissions. You can get a really nice image for a very reasonable price. Just follow the link below.

 Aneros Commissions

Now's the time to check out artists who are open to look into getting a special holiday greeting done. That is what I have been doing as you will soon see!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Vann Meets Zahn Comic 2! In The Castle Of The Nymph Men!

Today I get to proudly continue our little tale of Vann Illian the Elf Barbarian meeting Zahn the Son of winter.   We started this comic back in the summer.  This story was inked by FallenAngel and wrote by yours truly.  What started out as a one page gag, quickly turned into a three pager, as we found more and more ways to have fun with the situation.  Had I had more time, this probably would have been a lot longer.  Blame my horrible new job for it's shortness! XD FallenAngel jam packed it with humor and hot cum gushing cocks! I hope you guys enjoy!

Last time, our heroes were baffled by the disappearance of Zahn into seemingly thin air.   Soon after his disappearance Peng found a map that Zahn had dropped.  Hoping to find out more information on Zahn by retracing his steps, he stets forth with a very reluctant Vann in tow.  The two Barbarians soon find themselves in a very familiar castle.....

And so, once again we leave Vann Illia in a very sticky situation!

Bishonen Luke Skywalker On Dixie Cup Box

Name of the post says it all.  That's one sexy Luke.  No wonder I always wanted to buy Star Wars Dixie cups when I was little.  Empire Strikes back came out when I was 2, but I am sure I remember wanting these at the store.  I would love if there was a poster of this box.  It's got a nice Christmasy feel to it?  Speaking of Christmas, check out this little Santa Yoda I got years ago.  I bought with someone in mind, who I lost many years ago.  It helps keep their spirit alive at Christmas in my heart.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas is the time to worship Sexy Jebus. :P

I haven't done a Warriors post in eons. I have a huge backlog, so let's start with a little Sexy Jebus worship. Okay..maybe this is more in tune with Easter, then Christmas, but I'm going for it anyway! Enjoy! :P

 Anyone know who drew this hunky He-Man?  


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