Friday, December 14, 2012

Come Get Some Hunky Zebra Centaur

Here's a real nice treat for you Centaur fans. I got the Zebra Centaur lord as drawn by the extremely talented Aneros. He's a super stud, that comes complete with over sized cock and balls. NICE! Seriously..he better be careful while galloping. ;p He was coloured to perfection by the special lady that first penned this man stallion, Caravaggia. With these two talents combined he comes off looking shocking real, especially the Zebra part. Caravaggia provided a wonderful sunset backdrop as well as a blank white background version. Enjoy!


Aneros is currently up for commissions. You can get a really nice image for a very reasonable price. Just follow the link below.

 Aneros Commissions

Now's the time to check out artists who are open to look into getting a special holiday greeting done. That is what I have been doing as you will soon see!



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