Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Little Help With The Star

Lil' Deep gives  Holocene Toros a little help getting the star on top of the tree in todays holiday image by Rent!  I took a little inspiration from one of the Mario Christmas cards and a lot of inspiration from Rents signature hyper dicked dudes and came up with this concept for him to work on.  He made it super hot!  He even managed to thrown in some unexpected frotting! It was sweet holiday treat to have Rent take on both Lil Deep and Holocene again.  I love Holocenes outstretched leg. so SEXY! XD I also love the clever idea he had to bring in Lil' Deeps tail. I hope you all love it too! 

This is the first of three Christmas posts. There will be another tomorrow and one on Christmas day! I hope you guys will swing on by. :) 

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