Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cyberbot's Santana Gets A Rash By FallenAngel

Today's super sweet image by FallenAngel features two forgotten Capcom hunks; Santana from Cyberbots and Rash aka Jeff Perkins from Armored Warriors.  Rash was the original pilot of Blodia.  His game is often forgotten as it remains an arcade only title.  It is easily playable via Mame.  Unlike it's two sequels Cyberbots and Tech Romancer, Armored Warriors is not a fighting game, but a side scrolling beat 'em up like Final Fight.  I really enjoyed playing this title on Mame when I discovered it last year.  (That says a lot about the amount of great games the company made, that I am still finding older titles I haven't played almost 20 years later!)  Capcom sure spoiled us with a ton of studs back then. 
I don't recall ever seeing Rash, or Santana in a porn piece before, so I really wanted to be a part of the creation of one. (I did find one image of Sanatas cock, but it was super pixelated, so it doesn't count!)  It also says something about the sheer amount of hunks, when they have so many that they go underused, or never used by the gay art community.
I couldn't be happier with the way this piece turned out.  FallenAngel captures the men beautifully.  Sanata is one of his best. That hair is really epic.  Love that huge caramel chest.  Santana has two skin colours depending on who was drawing him back then.  We opted for the lighter one, but maybe we will do an alternate one day as well.  Rash, well he just falls perfectly into Fallens style.  Originally he drew both men buck naked and the bodies were so outstanding I was tempted to ask him to leave them that way.  There was no question who they were!  Fallen insisted on adding in their clothes to complete them and  yeah I am glad he did, cause they are wicked!

Here is some of the official art of these two.  There's not much out there.

 I think Justice deserves some porning up too.  

So what do you think of your first gay porn image Santana, you old womanizer you? 

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