Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ken Masters In Real Life, Thanks to Sean Cody

Yesterday I stumbled across images of Ken III from Sean Cody. I doubt that Sean Cody, being the most unimaginative gay porn producers of all time, would even realize what they had on their hands. Kens father is Italian and his mother is Japanese. So he basically has the potential of showing us what Ken Masters might actually look like in real life. (Albeit a lot less buff.) It would have been really awesome if they had put him in a red dōgi and dyed his hair blond! With Sean Cody though, I'll take what I can get. He certainly is handsome. I wonder if someone knew, or if he himself knows the video game connection he has? It would explain the name. Was it all made up? There are guys out there that do look like Ken, like the guy from the fan made Street Fighter Legacy video. He kinda looks more like Jacob from Twilight to me. Still it's a fun coincidence.

Ken admires the technique of this one....

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