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Celebrate Christmas Like It's 1991.

At least, that is what Nintendo is hoping you will do. With the advent of New Super Mario Bros Wii U, it's the first time Nintendo has launched a system with a true Super Mario game since Super Mario World in 1990/1991, many people are making this purchased in hopes of bringing back some nostalgic memories. While it is true that Super Mario Land 2, Yoshi's Island, New Super Mario Bros Wii and even the newest edition on 3DS have all come out in time for the holiday season, none launched with a system.

So will New Super Mario Bros Wii U (WORST NAME EVER.)  sprinkle forth warm feelings of Christmas 2012 in the years to come?  Nintendo has gone as far as to include a Christmas theme to the snow levels in the game in hopes of doing so.  Some people are finding themselves asking if spiritless CG Mario, is even capable generating the feelings generated by all the wonderful hand drawn Mario works.  That's harsh I know, but it's a factor that divides a lot of Mario fans.  Only time will tell.
There are people are trying to tote the game as the successor to Super Mario World.  I guess you could say it is in a way.  Sadly the new game isn't exactly rich with lore.  Nor is there a nice instruction booklet filled with clever character art.  I think that Nintendo (when dealing with Mario at least,) forgets that a game is more then just what's on the screen.  All this urged me to go through a lot of my old stuff, as well as to look around online for items from Marios Christmas's past.  He's a small sample of things that you might just remember.

One of the things I did keep over the years were some Mario gift tags.  I have the first two images below as tags.  (With to and from on the bottom.)  I think the package I bought only had the two designs in it.  These were all made around 1989.

Gotta love Marios Koopa Paratroopa driven sleigh, traveling high over Subcon the dream world. The Star men are so cute.  They are reminiscent of the Care Bear stars.

As you can see the image of Mario using the Star Man for the top of his Christmas tree was nicely used for stockings as well.  This one went for a considerable sum last week on E-Bay.

Look it's a Flurry!!!! Remember Flurry?  I miss these little guys! :D

Seriously, what is with the Koopa Troopa trowing things? This image gets used a lot, but I have never seen one doing anything like this in a game.  I thought I had this figured out once, but if I did, I forgot what the reason was. Anyone know?

Out of the things I found, this one was by far my favorite.  It's animated and musical Mario Santa.  This thing came out around the time Super Mario World was released and is lovingly adorned with art from the games instruction manual and box.  Sadly, the sellar wants $500 for it.  He later changed it to $300, but that's still too much.  I also don't like the fact that he listed it as new, but has images of it out of the box and turned on.  Not really new then, is it? Makes you wonder about the validity of the listing.  

If Nintendo was smart, they would mass produce these again.  Mario's popularity has only continued to grow since 1991.

Let's look at some of the great toys Mario World Spawned.  

Here's a sweet pachinko machine. It's just oozing with Mario art. 

This is a Super Mario World Can-koro Takara.  I'm not really sure what these things are, but they do look neat.

OH GAWD! It's early 90s Glitter sticker cards from Japan!  Ah, is there nothing as nostalgic, when it comes to Japanese stuff as these? How many Street Fighter and Sailor Moon cards do I still have from many trips to China town?  A lot I can tell you that. XD  I never had any Mario ones, so these were a nice surprise to see. :D

Is Mario proposing to Wendy O. Koopa? What the heck????

Nice enemy profile cards. 

Sweet little deck of Super Mario World Playing cards from Japan. I remember seeing these long ago.

 Cards from the game Yoshi's Eggs, which came out soon after Mario World.

Super Mario Kart also generated a ton of merchandise based on it and continues to do so to this day.  The art from this period is especially nice however.

Super Mario World merchandise really liked using the concept of Mario on Yoshi. Everyone knows the infamous creep red eyed Yoshi toy, but this clock certain deserves some fame as well.  It's beautifully designed.  It plays the opening theme with a music box, that is sure to ensnare the hearts of kids that grew up with it,  But..and this is a big but, it's also animated horribly.  Yoshi looks like he is trying to buck Mario off, or worse, it could be looked at like Mario is trying to hump the shit out of the poor dinosaur. :P  You can see it in action through the video below. 

Here's a really nice Mario World clock featuring Luigi and the dolphins.  This one came out in 1993. It's musical as well.  There were 4 styles produced.  I'm not sure what music it played.

This is pretty darn cool.  It's worth the purchase for the box alone.  It's a stuffed animal set that came with Koopa Castle to display the characters on.  

I miss the potato shaped Goombas.  What ever happened to them?

Some nice Metal Mario World figures.  Pretty neat.

So will WiiU's Mario and Zelda games inspire toy box designs?  Hmmmm....

Alright, so not everything from this period is exactly classic...pffffffffffffffft.

Am I the only one that thought the Lizard from the new Spider-Man movie looked exactly like the Goomba from the Super Mario Bros movie? XD

   Let's end this a little more on track.  Here's a little something from my own collection. Mario and Yoshi hurry to deliver a gift to Princess Toadstool. Merry Mushroom Kingdom Christmas. :)

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