Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009 from the Kingdom.

Hey Boils and Ghouls Happy Halloween 2009! I hope everyone has their pumpkins carved, their apples carameled and their candies waiting by the door. I am going Tricking tonight!

A couple artists did some very spooktacular images for me just in time.
Let's start with FallenAngels latest masterpiece The Scarecrow and the Crow.

This idea has been running around in my head for years. A sexy Scarecrow and a sexy Crow boy getting it on in the corn field on All Hallows Eve. The Crow was inspired by Randy West...yeah I know AGAIN!!! The scarecrow is inspired from a story I wrote years ago, but he's so sexified he doesn't really feel like the innocent creature I made up many Halloweens ago. (Which is a good thing!)

My Reaction:

Hey man!!!! This rocks!!! You took my concept and designs and really made them amazing. The shading and the muscles are just too much. Those scarecrow legs wow! YUM! Love the old sack idea, the hat the gloves it's all so cool! Just what I had in mind. Your gloves are a bit cooler actually. :sweatdrop: For you Pac-man fans, his hat was inspired by Blinky's from the Cartoon.

I love all the colours you used. The skin tones are amazingly fitting. Especially for the Randy Crow. I dig the shorts! ha ha ha, love the straw you added. ITCHY!! LOL I need to help him take those off. :happyhappy::heart: This would make a great series, too bad I approached you with this so close to Halloween. These guys are just to hot for a one shot. :widesmile::heart:
The moon is very pretty too. I have a thing for the moon. :blush:

Perfect image for the Holiday.

These guys proved REALLY popular and now I feel it's a shame we didn't do more with them until right before Halloween. Always next year of course. I really feel in love with Angels designs.

Next in this Ghoulish Gallery (if I can quote Bart Simpson) is my second commission from Ink-B. Yep I enlisted his services again. He took my simple idea and turned it into a two E-card extravaganza! Here is Smilo and Dimata in costume on Halloween night.

Dimata Visits Halloween town!!! That was all Ink! That is one gorgeous and very naughty Dimata. He even gave him a stiched mouth like Sally! I wonder if the pumpkins are opening wide to take in Dimatas mammoth member?

Smilo is vanting to suck something other then blood I am sure, but he makes the sexiest blond Vampire when drawn by Ink-B. Just look how smooth and sleek he is! Simply delightful. Ink you really outdid yourself.
These were used as greeting cards for my friends and the reactions were incredibly positive.

And now a little blog exclusive from Ink, prepare for Prehistoic Paradise on Parade!

Boy did my heart melt when I saw this cute surprise in my inbox. Here's almost all the boys out and about for a horny Halloween party. They are lead by Ink's newest Original creation the Halloween Batboy. Tribal skeleton painted Steko, Vampire Smilo, Devil Dimata, FrakenDeep, Mummy Romer, Ghost Tonia and witch Dore what a site to see parading down the street! Each one an adorable little wonder. I so want to make stickers of these!!!! Thanks Ink and thanks to everyone who has drawn, become friends and been there for me all this year. You have made this Holiday one of the most memorable of my life. I wish you all the best this Halloween.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Blog continues: Devils Dripping with Honey!

Long ago, I started to have some great ideas for Fan arts involving Patrick Fillions characters Diablo and Incubus. The first of these was taken on by Demona and YKX on Y!gallery. I can't even remember how long ago it was that I first came up with the concept of Donovan from Darkstalkers getting double teamed by the father and son demonic heroes.

Demona did all the line art and YKX did the amazing colouring job. This one was intense. Finding differences between the two devils was a chore in itself. (Though a very fun pre-cum inducing one...)

My Reaction:

Oh man talk about one of the craziest Commissions I have ever done!!! I really put Demona and myself through a lot of research with this one. We had a lot of crazy nights spent figuring out the best poses, colours and above all else the features that should best represent the father and son duo of Mr. Fillions. It was a lot of fun and the results are really spectacular!
Demona thanks for taking this one on. You did such an amazing job on getting the characters so well done and adding your own style to them. I really appreciated how much time you spent with me on this. You added so many great ideas that made this image stronger! Like that foot action!! :lol:!!

This image was done to show that for once the demons were going to get the upper hand and prove to Donovan that he can't pick on everyone just because they look evil!
You really cared so much and it meant the world to me! :heart::happyhappy:

YKX your colours are just amazing. I love the glow in the eyes, the veins on the wings, the difference in colour on the two two characters and all the little amazing touches you added! Always ready to support a fellow Canadian artist!!! Bang up job!

This one was a long time in the making, but it couldn't have shown up at a better time on Y!gallery and cheer me up!!!!
Thanks you two. Bows. :widesmile::heart: Group hug!!!!

I was very happy that Mr. Fillion really loved this too. :)

I wasn't done with Diablo just yet. Nope! I had another idea for him and I knew just the Go Nagai fan to ask to help me bring it to life. Master Fallenangel and I share a very similar love of his creations so I asked him to pair the Cube warrior with one of Japans best know Characters DEVILMAN!

Here is a very special blog exclusive look at the image with a higher resolution and no banner across it. Enjoy. I still get goosebumps when I open it up!

My Reaction:

It's so awesome to have you draw a Go Nagi and a Fillion character in one picture Fallen! East meets west in this pairing of 'good' Devils! I love it! Your Diablo is great! He's so cute! Love the flaming nips and the wings. Those are some gorgous cocks. Diablos is just so juicy looking.
I really love Devilmans head and expression. You did an amazing job on him. The mist, the moon and the gentle blue sky all add to a soothing, almost Halloweenish feel to the piece. I wonder how many people on Y will know Devilman? XD
Thanks Fallen! You always rock!

We were both surprised and delighted to find out Patrick Fillion is a huge Go Nagai fan too! :)

Months ago while I was looking at my DVD's a popped in Cutie Honey. This sparked a title wave of renewed interest in the franchise. Due to that I even sat and read the entire Devilman Manga as well as re-watched the original Anime series of both Honey and Devilman. This made me want to do some more Devilman and even Cutie Honey stuff on Y. Once again I turned to my buddy FallenAngel and asked him if he wouldn't mind creating a Male Cutie Honey with me. He was thrilled to do it. We looked at the various outfits the different series had and picked the features we liked the most.

Pretty cool huh?

Here is my response:

After doing Devilman, this was by far the natural choice for the next commission! Hee hee, I so do love Cutey Honey! It was one of the first Anime I remember renting way back in the day. You did her/him major justice my friend. I love the pose and the sword. What do we call him? Twinky Honey???? Hunky Honey? Twinky Hunky???? XD
Nice cut cock just oozing precum, something a male version should be doing for sure!
I'm really surprised at how well the costume looks on a guy too. It's really hot!
Thanks for thinking to include the civilian version was well! Neat idea. :lol: Ah, yet another fantasy fulfilled by Fallenangel. :widesmile: I say sequel!

And Sequels there were!!!! We decided to start paring Honey with Devilman, but Honey would be the one in charge. Enjoy the naughtiness the ensued!

Honey has the upper hand.

My Reaction:

Awesome job man!!! Seeing the superb job on Honey and Devilman that you did, I had to request them paired together. Ever since they did that teaser on the Honey OVA opening with Deviman thrown in the mix, I have been fantasizing of seeing them together. Thanks for fulfilling that dream in the most erotic way!!

Devilman's face is priceless! Honey is swirling precum on his chest, while straddling his leg!!! SO VERY HOT!!! :drool::drool::drool: I wonder how hot that feel having his balls rub against that oh so hairy leg? :blush::heart:
Nice soft Honey buns!!!:lol:
Great background and statue too. It's sweet.
These are two hot cocks man. Yay for cut boys! :heart::kiss::heart:
Do we take this further? :kitty2:

Next a little Anal..well there's nothing little about it is there????

My Reaction:

This is so hot. One of your hottest pieces ever! Your Honey has really buffed up here and I love it. His cock is so huge and it's really sexy the way he is tearing up poor Devilmans ass!! I love his huge arms in those gloves. Devilman is so hot. Making that face, but spewing cum.
Where do we go from here? :happyhappy::heart::heart::heart::tongue:

Ah, that was were we ended it as we moved forward into even more hot erotic Yaoi the way only Fallen can produce! Due to the huge popularity of these images we will have to revisit all these characters again some time in the future.

On a side note, if you love your Super heroes you will be very interested to know that Demona is doing an art CD featuring 10 Hunks for the worlds of DC and Marvel. There will be 10 images on the disc with possible extra surprises. If you are interested in purchasing a copy you can contacted here by leaving a comment here, or on her Y!Gallery page located here:

Don't forget to check out Diablo and all his friends over at Class Comics!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall of the Caveman! View the entries and Cast your vote!

Wow once again my contest had an amazing turnout of talents! 6 Beautiful entries of hot steaming cave hunks! Each entry was an original creation by the artist. Prepare for a October treat! The artist all explained their inspirations for each picture as well. Kyung even gave her characters a neat little back story. So check out their pages on Y!gallery, the links are below each image!
I hope you will all take the time to vote for your favorites on the Y!Gallery.







To Vote Just Click HERE!

Good luck to all the contestants! Remember you can vote for more then one person and there are 4 prizes to be given out. :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

In Da Jungle....

It's been a long time since I commissioned dear sweet Jacy-J. Well here is her latest masterpiece made for me, Tarzan!!!!

What a gorgeous hunk of jungle king he is! Check out the wicked muscle tone! Love his expression. He's so naughty!!!! :P I wonder if he is looking at Jane? Jacy's Tarzan reminds me why I feel in love with the character all over again.

And as a super treat, she gave me a censored and uncensored version!

Looks like a jungle wind got up!

Next up we have the super talented artist Childatomic from Y!Gallery doing a take on my boys Tonia and Romer! I don't think I was alone in bugging this stupendous person to start doing commissions again. You really must check out his gallery. This image left me floored.

My reaction was anything but subtle! :P

Wow, I still can't get over hot hot this is!!! I am so happy I took that chance and asked if you are still doing commissions. This is so smoking hot!
Both sex organs are so well done. From the glistening of Tonias penis head, the precum oozing from his tip, his big sexy balls, the raised nuts on Romer, the THICK foreskin pulled over the head and the amazing detail of red skin inside, I have to say all the blood rushed to one point in my body when I opened this file! :heart::kiss::kiss::lol: (Run on sentence much?:XD:)
Loving the ass grabbing action! ha ha! Tonia is a dream boat. Just amazing! He's beyond gorgeous. His arm plates are so detailed and well done. I can't get over the cool head you gave Romer. :inlove:
There is just so much passion in this image.
I hope you will open again soon.
I will very highly recommend you to everyone!

The sketch is just so sensual!

More Prehistoric boys to come, including a look into the creation of Dalach the Dire Wolf.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lost Fan Art of Ink, a New Deep and More Little Mac.

A little something special today. Some Fan Art by Ink-B premiering here on this blog! These are fan arts he did some time ago and recently touched up. Check 'em!

Here's a blast from the past. It's the stud Dark Schneider from the anime Bastard! It's been a long time since I read this manga. One of the few I can remember having so much nice male nudity. Nice buns there Ink! So very sexy! He looks like he's got the perfect hot dog to match 'em. :O Gotta love a dick that is that huge when flaccid. I hope Ink decides to give us a full frontal shot of him some day!

Next up is King Leonidas from the movie 300!

That king is to hot to let that rain cool him down!
Way awesome man. I was really surprised to see him included. I do love the sexy men of 300. Your Spartan has such gentle eyes. He looks like he's ready to put his spear into action! Awesome likeness and great beefy body. Must keep hands off pants as I type.... XD

A little while ago Ink took on the task of seeing how our boys would look as humans. He then took it one step further and placed Romer, Dimata and Smilo in an RPG setting.
Well Last week guess who joined the trend? Yep that's right, it's Little Deep, now with his first name revealed by Ink, I proudly present Crokis Deep!

Just when you thought he couldn't get sexier!!!! Crokis is wearing face paint here and shots to honor his past incarnation. Still a trouble maker on the beach, Crokis is more of a butt pirate then a real thief. He's a natural in the water and an A+ surfer. He tries his best to be a loner, despite the many admirers he attracts. :P

Not to long ago I asked the artist Catchguess to draw Little Mac. He was asking for request you see. He took him on in style!

The picture proved to be one of his most popular creations to date! You can really see why too. It's a brilliant picture. His face is so sweet and innocent and a little worried. Very perfectly fitting of him. (Who wouldn't look nervous fighting a bunch of guys over twice your size? Very nice lighting effects.

This all makes me hope Catchguess will do a series of him! Must take off jockey shorts...:drool:

Thanks so much!:heart::heart:

More fun to cum! :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Halloween from Casltevania! Seasonal Treats from Fydbac, Tonberryknight and Ink-B

First off I have to make a little announcement. I received a donation of an additional $10 by an anonymous party for the Caveman Contest. The instructions were to make it 4th place prize. So that's great news for the entrants.

Today I have a TON of great pictures to share! First, let us take a trip to the Transylvania country side shall we? Get ready for Tonberryknights Halloween Treat!

Check it! Velcome to Castlevania!!! Simon is an amazing mixture of all his previous incarnations. Here he has his original costume and hair colour. He has his new hair design, facial features and necklace from the Wii game. Genius!!! Tonberryknight did a better job then Komami! :P Drac is stupendous. I love his curly hair and blood red eyes. Very sexy. Not to forget that hot cut cock! The Counts got more then Candy on his mind.

I asked Ms. Tonberryknight for a image of Simon and Drac Frotting with a bit of a Halloween theme. Well just for fun she came up with this pose. She didn't think I would jump at it, but heck I feel in love!!! (And so did everyone I showed the original sketch too!) I begged her to get it done before Halloween and here it is for everyone to enjoy!

Such a stunning background deserved at least one more version. Here it is with a white moon. This background just screams Halloween night. :) I am so in love with her Dracula and Simon that when she opens her commissions again I am going to ask her if she wouldn't mind doing a Castlevania series similar to the Icarus one we did when I first met her. That series still needs some more images added to it too! :)

As I mentioned in a previous post, Ink-B has started his Commissions. I just had to take a slot. Hey gotta help a friend out! Keeping with the Halloween theme, I asked him to draw a very sexy Simon Belmont in his style. Here he is:

Ha ha, I didn't say anything to Ink, but the face of his Simon reminds me of an old flame from High school! :P His Simon is stunning. He has such a strong face, soft eyes and a build that is worthy of a warrior from the dark ages. Hee hee Ink even snuck in a little stubbly growth. :) Love the details on the costume. That huge cut cock is so thick!!! No wonder Simon doesn't jump very high, or far. He's not wearing anything, except a strap! What a background. The lighting effects, the mist, the moon all take me back days of old, when the Halloween season was spent playing games like this in the dark with friends. Defiantly going to ask for more!

Here he is against a different awesome background. A cool blue moon casts light on the hero. The mist effects have been changed as well.

Ink is a very hard worker. Even after he was finished he went back and redid the entire image and made Simons face cuter, his body more build and added a ton of more effects to the background. If I get his permission I will post the comparison picture he sent me. If that doesn't say he's more then worth commissioning, I am not sure what does!

How about a little Halloween treat from the Prehistoric Past??? Here we have a 24 hour commission from Fydbac. It's been awhile since she last took on my boys, so this is a real treat. I asked her to dress Dimata up as a mummy for Halloween. Look where she hung his pumpkin pail! LOL

Dig that pose! A Mummy mammoth get it? Yeah LAME paleontology joke... ha ha! :P

Her Dimata is always so hot and sexy! It was great to have her take him on again. Dang those wrappings have TON of detail. Of course she pushed them aside for all his important features! I love the pose his hands are in. This would make a great Halloween window cling....well in a gay community anyway!

Happy Halloween everyone. More sexy scares to cum, stayed tuned.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sworn Mini Review

Hey guys. A little something different today. During the summer I picked up the Comic book Sworn. I usually don't do reviews and really am not planing on making this a habit. I was kinda skeptical regarding the title. I had seen the art of Silvano on Y!Gallery, but that was about all I knew about the artist. I threw caution to the wind and I am very happy I did. I have to say it was one of the hottest little comics I have picked up in some time.

We are thrown into a world of magic and superheros were two young men on opposing sides start to fall head over heals for each other. The writing by C. J. Evans is terrific. We are not bogged down with too many details about the world. We are given just enough so that we understand what's going, until the story finds it's true focus, the forbidden lust between the angelic Calais and rouge Slammer. At this point the boys become much more complex characters and one starts to question if the war is as black and white as it is presented.

I got very caught up in the sexual tension and the innocents of the enemies engaging in youthful sexual discovery. The adventure of one teen discovering a foreskin for the first time and the other enjoying a cut cock struck a deep emotional cord with me. The characters soon become very real. I admire how Silvano decided to keep the boys proportions very realistic. Adding a good amount of hair on young Slammer was a wonderful idea. Slammer reminds us of the humanity of soldiers on the opposing end of a battle. As well as the simple fact that being born into a family known for evil, doesn't mean that every member is reflective of that.

Many other characters are introduced including the boys fathers. I can tell you I wouldn't mind seeing Calais's father getting it on with a couple of his team mates! I hope more books are in the works. Sworn is a winner. You can pick up a copy of sworn over at Class Comics.

Class Comics - Home of the Erotic Gay Comic!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Adonix, the amazing Ink, is now for hire!

Today Adonix, the man who first breathed life into so many of my characters, is opening up his commissions for the very fist time. This is the young gentleman who took me under his wing, shared with me his creations and became as close a friend as he could. Yep, Dimata, Smilo, Romer, Steko, Chiida and so many more all came to be because he gave me faith in my ideas and characters.
He has done a wide variety of character art and even animation.
Don't forget to check out his Y!Gallery and Deviantart pages for more examples of his talents!

His terms:

Price is Euro 26 a commission, this includes a soft background.

Original Characters are preferred, but Fan Art is welcome.

Payment is to be done via Paypal.

To request a commission please send him a PM on Y!Gallery. If you are not a Y!Gallery member, but wish to contact him, you can post a message on this page.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gninrom's extreme image revealed! NookieDog takes on a forgotten Prince!

A couple new things and very exciting things to share today! First off Nookiedog was very intrigued by a certain Flyboy from the 80's. Prince Dargon from the Coleco series Sectaurs! He made him out to as as beefy and juicy as possible!

My lord, what a body! You're making me sweat!!!!!

Check the immaculate lettering. It's so nice to have the Dinosaurprince's Kingdom Presents on there. Dang that's touching!
Pretty fitting for the throne room of a bug race to have cob webs as decoration! Hee hee the throne room is not as awesome as the prince resting there in. I love that thick long penis with the vein running down it. Great details on his slightly hairy body. A fly guy should have a decent amount of fuzz on him! Dargons face is very strong and fitting that of ruler. Great job on his antennae. :) All the shading showing off his muscles is wondrous.
The sword and amulet just jump off the page don't they? I must admit right from the start this guy was perfect.

In this first image Nookiedog gave Dargon his own take on the characters eyes. Combining the animated series design with a more human sized orb.
Here he is with eyes more in tune with the animated series.

He's focused on your bulge... XD

Thanks Nookiedog! You took on an old favorite of mine from a series that didn't get the chance it deserved. Now it has a place among your masterpieces of gay art. I hope this will inspire others to look up the characters.

I dropped a couple hints about this next image here for the first time is Gninroms super sexy, take on my and Ink's boys Dimata and Lil' Deep up to something very naughty!!!

Yes you are seeing that right! I went there, water sports. :P Inspired by a very close friend of mine, I contacted Ginrom the most daring and boldest artist on Y!Gallery to take on this image. He jumped right on it. He was a delight to work with. Very friendly and full of funny tales to share.

Here Lil' Deep shares his man pudding with a somewhat unwilling Dimata. Dimata loves Smilo, Lil'Deep has him tied up. Funny his cock isn't complaining! :P

My reaction:

This is so super hot man! You did an amazing job on both guys and you were so very professional towards me and my wishes. I really got a kick of how you kept adding more and more features to this. The background with the sunlight, the pterodactyls, the mountain range, etc all give the image a warm early summer morning feel. I swear you can smell the dew in the air! (Along with the cum.) :wink:
Lil' Deep is way sexy. I dig the fins on his arms and I think that is going to for sure become part of his design. The cocks are spectacular and the cum is so Vividly realized, the motion is breath taking. :surprised::heart:

Thanks for all the extra versions of the characters separated from the background as well. That was very awesome of you. I really adore the ancient parchment version of Lil Deep.

Dimata is an irresistible piece of man meat here. Love the chest hair growing between the pecks, really hot touch! The tail is perfect as well. The hair on his head looks so soft and fuzzy! Love the HUGE cock and low hanging balls!

Gninrom sent me tons of previews, line art and the characters separated from the background. He took great interest in the characters and making sure I was happy with what I was getting. I may just share some of them here one day. One of the coolest things he sent me was this image of Lil'Deep against an old parchment like background. It looks like an image from a lost sea log.

Long ago a sailor saw something very hot!

Thanks Gninrom it was a lot of fun commissioning you. :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Starting October with Style, Uly's Simon Belmont! Cray returns! Meet Danny and Matt and so much more!

Hey guys. This is my very favorite time of year. The start of Halloween season. A time of family, cool dark days, pumpkins and decorations. I have a couple Halloween themed blogs coming up. First up is Simon Belmont by Ulysses0302

Forget the pretty boy stuff, this was what Castlevania was all about for years, sexy buff guys chasing down the undead!

As always Uly was a total delight to work with. They guy never stops trying till he gets the image right. Simon went through many evolutionary stages. At one point he even had a tiger skinned loin cloth! :P Uly is da man. If you need 3D just go to him.

My reaction:

I really appreciate all the hard work and detail you added to this wonderful image. :widesmile: I requested a simple image of Nude Simon Belmont (the old School version) and I go the works! :kiss: Misty fog, coffins creaking open, angelic statues, a creature ready to pounce and a super hot hunk as the icing on the cake! Love your Simon man. Nice flowing hair, great build, strong arms and a very fitting face. :happyhappy::heart: Very barbaric. Just how I like 'em! If they put Simon in 3D again I hope they follow your wonderful example. It's great to see a hero a fell for as a kid be made into digital flesh and blood.
Thanks so much Uly. Another Childhood fantasy realized!

Expect to see more Simon coming up soon. I have a couple more Belmont images in the works.
It's fall, the days are getting shorter, it's now a time to cuddle close to your loved one in front of the TV in the early evening hours. This next picture down by my good buddy FallenAngel is inspired by the many nights I spent as a teenager with my loved one. We would sit close and play video games after school in the fall. Where we live, by November night falls around 5 pm. Of course sitting so close almost always led to very passionate situations.
I am very proud to present an older version on Matt and Danny Relaxing Playing Super Nintendo...picture it Canada 1994...

My Reaction:
I still can't believe how perfect you got the older Mat in design and attire. This is the exact image I wanted! I so owned a pair of shots like that myself!!! It really warms my heart.
Great job on Danny. PAC-MAN FOREVER!!! :lol: I love the glow this image has.
You don't know how many late nights were spent as a teenager playing games and fooling around with MY boyfriend.. hee hee. Teen on the 90's..ah SNES and Genesis...:kiss::widesmile::love:

Let's do more for sure!

Sweet from the start!

Right now Matt is on his way back to the showers to discover a new kind of sexual experience. I hope Fallen will have time to continue this wonderful story line too. :)

Back in 2001 a little Anime Series called Jungle De Ikou was released. A story of a girl who channels a mother goddess called Mii. A fan service anime, Mii has some of the biggest breasts I have ever seen. The story is cute, light hearted and funny. (Though a bit disturbing at times!) You will recognize many famous voice actors here from hits like Ranma 1/2 and Slayers. Anyway, the Japanese sure now how to have their fun with girls breasts don' they? So I say it's time to give back to the male loving audience members! Here is Mii depicted as a boy by FallenAngel:

My Reaction:

Ha ha ha, this is our revenge for all the booby shots in fan service animes like this! It's time for gratuitous balls! :heart::lol: Actually I really loved Jungle de Ikuo. It should have been longer. You did a fantastic job on Male Mii. Very inspiring. He's very sexy. I love the statue!!!! I still smile every time I open this up. :wink::heart:
Excellent penis too. It's very sexy. Thanks for taking this crazy idea on for me!

Check out that uncut monster!!!

Next up is the exciting return of Crays Kid Pit Icarus and the sexy Centurion!!! Cray has been very busy with classes and the like for the summer, but he's back with a vengeance! Cray is one of the people I really admire on Y!gallery. He's a really good hearted individual and I am proud to present another commission done by him!

This idea came to us right after the first image was completed. :) More to come for sure!
My Reaction:

Long time coming huh? Good things are worth waiting for! :wink::heart:
I love your beefy Icarus and the Centurion we came up with so of course we have to do more one day!
This image is really hot. Two handed jerking, anal orgasms, beefcake mythological boys, giant cum shot..what more can I ask for? :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Thanks so much for drawing this.

Cray says I am inspiration for him! Awe...hee hee I am blushing! XD

So hot from the start!

This next image wasn't done for me, but for the very Talented Cruzis. It was drawn by the super nice Crimsonblood. I asked him if I could post it here and he was delighted with the idea. Here is his so so sexy Rikuo. Check out amamzing Abs and so thick foreskin!

Crimsonblood is currently working on something for me, stay tuned!!!!

Everyone who knows gay comics, knows the great Icemanblue. He as done so many fantastic comics featuring super heroes from DC, Marvel and many other sources. I have to say that have done their job on me time and again! XD I recently contacted him to do a commission and he agreed to take on Dimata. His take on Dimata went back to my original description of the character. He gave Dimata Phimosis, a condition where the foreskin does not retract back at all, or very little. My original reason for giving this to Dimata was so that the foreskin lips could act like the mandibles at the end of a mammoths trunk. He really liked the idea and produced this sexy image:

A wonderful picture done by legendary Iceman is a fantasy finally realize!

OMG that hair! I so love Dimata with that hair style! I wonder if he used a fish bone comb to style it? XD Dimata is stunning standing a like, with that confident look on his face. Love the abs, the huge chest and sexy butt! It's neat to see him with human ears.

Later he provided me an image with Dimata at full hardness, the foreskin only slightly retracted!

Wanna taste of that head?

Thank you Icemanblue!

I might not have a lot of time to do blogs in the coming days, so lets keep going!!!! As you can see by my banner, Dongsaeng one of the most popular artist around was also one of the very first people I met on Y and drew a masterpiece feature Kid Icarus, Rygar and Rikuo. I have yet to put that image on here...yeah shame on me! XD Today I have something very special to share. As everyone knows Neo123 and I have been through a lot together. He has taken on many images for me, our names went up in lights on Boytoons and currently he has 3 projects in the works.
Like so many young artist, his cash flow is not the best. He expressed great interest in getting a commission from Dongsaeng. So I did what any friend would do, I gave up my spot in line and got him an image of anything he wanted. His request was simple, an Orc having anal sex with a barbarian warrior. It was funny, for once the tables were turned and I was the one asking all the questions regarding details needed for Donsaeng. His warrior description sounded more and more like someone else as I asked for physical features. So surprise, the nameless warrior became the most famous of all Conan!!!
Neo123 was totally thrilled with the final image, going as far as to say it was one of Dongsaengs best images ever.

If you have never commissioned Dongsaeng, let me tell you this, the boys one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet. A total gem of a person.

Here he showed me the various poses he would be interested in drawing:

I laughed so hard when I opened this!

At one point the Orc had hair! Awe so cute, but bald men are sexy too!

I hope you guys love this masterpiece:

My reaction:

Hey Dongsean it was a total pleasure to be able to commission you again. As before you were a total gentleman and that means so much to me. Taking on a gift request was very nice of you and the amount of professionalism you exhibited was unprecedented. :widesmile::heart:
I am proud to gift this to Neo123 as he has done so many wonderful images for me and become a friend as well. He expressed a great interest in getting a commission from you, so I sacrificed my spot for him. :) I'm extremely pleased with the results. I never thought an orc could be so sexy and cute. Bald guys can be hot even big green ones! XD I have to admit I have a thing for body hair, so this made the image even hotter for me! :blush: I love the position here, how Conan is showing his mighty strength. Very fitting of the character. For me, it was a dream come true to see you take on the mighty Conan. I absolutely adore him. He's the bomb! I hope to one day request more of him when you open up again. Yeah I like him that much! :kiss::heart::heart:
Thank you and Neo for all the wonderful ideas and inspiring art you guys work so hard at producing.

And now the Blog Exclusive that will blow your..uh..mind!

Conan and the Orc shoot their loads! Enjoy!

That's all for now! More to cum!


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