Monday, July 6, 2009

Dimata Resurrection

An Concept I have been thinking about for a little while was the concept of Dimata and Smilo in present time. I mentioned this to Ink the last time we talked and he came up with a fabulous concept take a look!

Who are these sexy boys? Why it's Dimata as a nerd and Smilo as a jock!!!

This is the first step in something even bigger, a possible working plot for these characters! Ink did an amazing job humanizing them! He honored the site by putting the logo Nookiedog created on Dimata and even made up a ST team and logo for Smilo!!! I want to continue this for sure. Just putting it out there if anyone is interested!!!!!
Thanks Ink-b, once again you have fueled my imagination and have me working over time! This is going to take this boys to a whole new level!!!

1 comment:

  1. Ahem.... Human forms are fun! Haven't really explored that too much with my own OC. lol. Not quite as interesting as the non human form.



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