Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chibbi Madness!!!!

Today is going to be massive!!! Let's start with Demona! Some time ago the queen of Chibi's had a sale on them. And I took as many slots as I could! Here they are for your enjoyment! Get the toothpaste ready, this blog is so sweet your are bond to get a few cavities!!!

Widdle Wikuo! So cute!!! XD

Ah Zahn, you lucky bugger, some guys are just born well endowed!!!

After I saw this I told Demona she should be working at Ubi-soft on the kid friendly DS versions of the game! (Or making art for a kick butt 2D game on any system.)

Old School original Icarus in BLUE!!! Bet you didn't see that coming!

Awe it's Dimata with some the best tusks ever! NICE!

Check out the little buns on Cyclops! XD He looks like he is ready to pee on the X-Men target!

Not to be outdone by anyone Mashi got into the spirit and gave me wondrous image of Wonderboy and Congo! A prehistoric friendship is forever no? :)

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