Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Early 90's Video Game Fantasies

Ok I have been away for some, I got really sick and then my apartment became a nightmare to live in. (It's still being fixed.) So let's get to it!
Today I want to present a bunch of commissions that represent a lot of fantasies I had as a teenager. Growing up playing a lot of video games I was naturally attracted to these characters. This comes as no surprise though, as I have commissioned many video game characters already.
The first one I want to show is by FallenAngel. It's something I am surprised you never see anywhere, Captain N the game master. I had an image on him standing in front of Mother Brain, with Princess Lana as his knees, getting ready to fire as the tentacles close in on the two of them. Well Fallen created the image perfectly. He even made Mother Brain a 'Father' Brain by changing the tentacles! What an imagination that boy has! :)

I love how that boy can read my mind!!!! Captain N was the source of much passion in my early teen years! XD

I can't recall all the times I had to wait at the arcade while my siblings did their clothes shopping. More often then not, I found myself watching a young hot black man in a business suit play Final Fight. What a pairing Cody and Guy are. Who needs Jessica? XD
I asked the wonderfully talented 1320 to create this hot image. I was inspired to has her by Rikuo fan art and all the wonderful images she created for my friend Busiris.

Sunrise on the park, finds Cody and guy ready do cum.

My Reaction:

I had been wanting to Commission you for some time and it was really worth the wait I must say! :happyhappy:
Here's a pairing that was part of many a fantasy of mine growing up, Guy and Cody from Final Fight. These are two of the hottest guys Capcom ever created and you did them justice beyond my expectations. I just love your take on them!! The expressions are so sweet! The details breathtaking! The cut cock on Cody with the huge piss slit is to die for! And Guys Asian pubes are uncut cock were worth the comm price alone! Love how Guys hair is resting on Cody's head and how they look like they are going to kiss any second.
This is an old school masterpiece! Thanks for making a teenage dream of mine come true! You ROCK!!!!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
Gotta really recommend 1320, a class act all the way through. Asking questions and tons of communication. Thank you!

Now that's a preview sketch!!! One of the things I wanted was Guy to be a bit smaller then Cody. Yeah it's a stereotype...

Please check out here amazing gallery, a fellow Canadian, 1320 was a pleasure and honor to have draw for me.


Some of the wonderful line art. SO, so hot and touching.

In my youth I had a huge crush on Link and Kid Icarus. I wanted to pair them in the worst way, so here is Logkuns beyond sexy take on the two of them frotting and shooting a load. LogKun was great to meet and have draw for me. I hope that I hear from him regarding more pictures soon!

I was the first person to commission Logkun and he was very kind and easy going. I have to say, I didn't have to request any changes to this masterpiece!! XD

My reaction:

It was a pleasure to be your first commissioner! I really wanted a major buff Link and Icarus and you really came though here. The uncut dicks are really hot and I almost regret asking for the cum shot cause it almost covers up the amazing job you did with the foreskins over the dick heads. Excellent job leaving them visible still! :tongue: Love the veins on the dicks too. Nice touch! These guys are just total beefcakes!!! Love the Hair on Icarus too! Olive skinned Icarus...drool...:drool:
Your Colouring is gorgeous. I dig the style, very much like the old instruction manuals. Thanks so much and I hope we can work together in the future cause you were excellent! :heart::happy: Next time we will have to work on some cut guys!!! LOL

Yeah I made another North American draw uncut guys! I am so bad...

Let's end this was something uber special, my buddy Fallenangels ever so cute take on Class Comics Locus, Cam and Lanor entering the world of Nintendo. For the first time ever, I present a larger and banner free view of this sexy stupendous picture!
I just can't get over Cams cock and him as Icarus to this day!

My Reaction:

Oh my gosh I have waiting forever to get this idea done! I had it saved just for my buddy Fallenangel7, cause I knew he would bring just the right amount of hotness, mixed with cute parody to make this picture work!
How could I resist mixing Nintendo and Class Comics!! The boys are having the time of their lives in video land!!!!

Hee hee Cam is a perfect angel with his foreskin pushed up! Lanor is really excited to be the side kick Luigi! He's getting a mushroom that makes at least one part of his body grow! So hot doing the sword with the penis man! That was too cool!
This is Fallens first threesome and I am proud to be a part of such a cute picture!

And think this warrants a sequel!

I really do need to ask him about doing a second one.

I just adore Fallens sketches. You can feel his mischievous mind at work!!!

Whew, more to come as always!

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