Saturday, July 11, 2009

Welcome to Castlevania!

OK something very special to me today, Castlevania! Ah the hours I wasted as a mere boy of 10 playing the first game. My dad would actually sit with me and tell me what I was doing right and wrong. The one of the few times he took an interest in my life...XD Seriously I never felt so accomplished as I did the day I finished it. Well sexy Simon Belmont has remained one of my favorite heroes to this day. So I couldn't resist a few requests of him. The first piece is one that is not on Y gallery. In fact it's actually one of the very first commissions I requested. It's drawn by Kain3 a very talented young man. He was one of the first artist that wanted to sit and talk to me on MSN as well. Which made me feel like an even stronger part of the process. It's been a long time coming and I am extremely happy with results. Here we have Simon meeting that 'other' video game guy that I adore so much!

Check out that lightning bolt of cum! That's old school Barbarian style Simon, not the recently lovely, but oh so effeminate style version! This guy will swing in and save you carrying you away in one arm! Kain Captured him very nicely and his Rikuo is just exquisite! The background is one of the nicest I have seen in a long time as well. Lots of effort here! :) I wanted to shake it up a bit by having Rikuo be cut and Simon uncut. Originally this was reversed, but sometimes an error leads to great things! Thank you Kain3 this is great picture!
Be sure to check out his gallery.

Next up was a fun picture done by Marourin. A very nice take on Simon from Castlevania Judgment. I should have asked for Simons suit and body paint to be added. But I went for the naked look! Ah oh well, here he is sexy and oh naturel! LOL What? I'm not complaining! He's super hot!!! Marourin did a wonderful job on my first posted Belmont Commission! This made me want more and more of him.

He has the whip at the ready! Pray you are not at the end of it!

Now we have my good friend Fallenangel7 doing what he does best, gaying up my childhood! :) I couldn't resist asking him to do a take on Simon and Dracula. For Refs I gave him Trevors and Simons outfits from Castlevania 1 and 3 and the Dracula from the DraculaX game. (I personally think that Drac is dead sexy!)

Here we go forced Frot!:

Dracula is leaking a lot, I think he doth protest to much! XD

My Reaction:

Ha ha ever since I was a kid I thought, that Dracula in Castlevania X is HOT. SO I asked my dear friend FallenAngel7 to draw my favorite Belmont frotting with Dracula!! GO SIMON!!! This is so hot and CUTE! I love it!!! :heart: Another 80's dream comes true!!

Castlevania is jam packed with hot guys! Who should I commission next? Maybe Uly to do a 3D version of Simon, or Richter!
One thing is for sure, with such great pieces to start off with, my imagination has plenty of inspiration.

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