Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's a Prehistoric Paradise! Neo123, Conji, Sablechan and JC go back in time!

I recently opened up a club on the Y!gallery called Prehistoric Paradise. There have been some submissions from a few different artist and many of my commissions can be found there as well! I will be featuring some of the art I did not commission here soon as well.

Well first up we have Neo123's simply to gushing take on Dimata. He was really keen on drawing him and added a lot to him. For one thing the tusks and face are just incredible. And then there is that crazy foreskin action. I mean, when you want foreskin done right, just call on Neo, the man is an expert!

My Reaction:

Oh how I do love to let you run wild!!!! XD What a crazy hot picture!!!! I had to make you get this up cause it was too hot not to be!!!!! Love the foreskin action! Stretching is just so hawt!!! The bone up his bum, is so cool!!! XD
Like I said, I dig the tooth piercings! Very Flintstones!!! XD
He is going to have some major cum cakes in the morning!!! Happy my legs are not that hairy!!!! Always a pleasure to have you create great JO material!!!
You are a pure master!!!! Big hugs for my prince of porn!!!!

Next up a little something in honor of Ink-B! Chase swimming with the Megalodon Man himself, Lil'Deep!
Jcartblog really outdid himself as usual! He put the head crest on Chase which I think looks really good. It's kinda heart shaped just like the animal he is based on is! I have two versions to share! Hope you guys like!!!!

My Reaction:

This is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG your take on Megalodon lil'Deep had Ink-B jumping man!! (He created him for me.) And you really took him to a new level of sexiness! Thanks so much for working so hard on him and giving him the tail and dorsal fin. You have nothing to worry about, the colours on both look great!!! You did an excellent job man!
Chase is amazing! He looks so sleek and sexy!!!! I just love him! So very on with Fydbacs wonderful design too!
I love the water and lighting effects!!! Like they have just dived in! It water was an haunting beauty to it, as it gets darker as your eye moves lower.
Did I already say this was gorgeous?

Special version with Seaweed!

Next we have an artist I am rather new to commissioning. The last one he did for me, was a birthday gift from a friend. This is Conji's first take on my boys. And I have to say I am very impressed! Conji came up with some great ideas for this one! He really put his all into it.

My Reaction:

Nice tail action! Poor Dimata! He is getting sprayed in the eye!!!! That shit stings! LOL.
Very nice Romer too. Interesting skin tone. :surprised: He has a great chest and cool nipples, I love them. Nice elbow spikes! :heart:
I love Dimata blush. Very cute! He has that sex flushed look to him. Looks like he is supporting himself with his tail. Wish I could point that close to my mouth when I cum! :sweatdrop::heart:
Very nice foreskins too! Great details! :)
A very hot piece!!! :) :heart: Thank you Mr. Conji!

Finally on the list is this sweet sweet picture by Sablechan someone also new and is not only very talented, but a very kind young man too!
He did a massively hot image of Trish Elk in the snow! Check it!

What an Excellent, oh so very dramatic image! Love the lighting! It's very Chritsmasy! The melted snow is just so dang hot! The falling snow is way beautiful! XD Trish is just amamzing wearing his winter coat! I love the hot air coming from his throbbing manhole! SO much effort and done so quickly! Please check him out! Sablechan is now doing commission! I highly recommend him!
A very hot and sexy picture!!!

He even ran though character design sketches with me!

Love his big ears!

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