Monday, November 28, 2011

Ahmosis and Rahotep Circle Jerk by The Nil!

Some time in 2010 Adonix introduced me to a French comic called Nil, the first volume called Les Barbares. Sadly outside of a few random pages and the cover shots, there is not much about the series online in it's native French, never mind English. It's a story that chronicles the adventures of two best friends growing up in Egypt along the river Nile: Ahmosis and Rahotep are two hotties. The art by Didier Garguilo is very sexy indeed. You'll want to have bathe in the Nile with these two the second you see the cover. I have been meaning to commission some art of them for Adonix for some time. Well just the other day, FallenAngel finished the first one and it's just too hot. I got a rise out of the saliva exchange going on here. Mmmm these guys are really focused. I hope no one interrupts them! Love the how they are drawing each other closer. So hot! Excellent work FallenAngel. You do these characters nicely. Yum, yum! You tired me out when I had just woken up!

Adonix states that there is definitely a yoai vibe to the books. I really hope Fallens image will help generate some interest in the stories. Maybe one day the series will finally be release to a wider audience. One can only hope. Here are some sample pages:

Recommended: Vargas Twins By Logan

Holly Crap, I have to do a huge recommendation for Logans newest digital comic from Class Comics, The Vargas Twins Overtime At The Office. I am not really into fat guys, but there was something so fucking hot watching these sweet chubby brothers getting fucked by the super hunky security guard. Maybe there is something about the comic that showed me that everyone can be sexy and passionate. (At least if Logan is penning them.) I gotta say, the older hunky security guard is the BOMB. That guy blew my mind and my load! :P The janitor was so sexy too. As with all Class Comics there is a ton of great dialog. Logan takes time to explain the characters and their reasons for having sex, which adds so much. During the intercourse, the rough dialog is just awesome. The short story left me breathless. For just $2.50, you really should check out this comic. :D

Super Mario the Opera

This was too cute, not to share! I am in a real Super Mario mood after getting my 3DS! XD

All you need to wear while playing your Nintendo system of choice. :P

My 3DS! XD

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gay Holiday Shopping: DNA Man by Allain De Leon

Leon De Leon (At Class Comics), or as we all know him here as Urbanmusiq, has some very large poster sized prints of his DNA Man poster prints for sale. He's been doing a DNA man each month since December 2010, so there is a great variety of 12 different prints to choose from at the moment, with more on the way. The posters are also all really big too, making them perfect for doors, garages and rec rooms and dens.

They come in two sizes:
A2- 420mm x 594mm (16.5 x 23.4) that retails for $19.95
A1- 594mm x 841mm (23.4 x 33.1) that retails for $29.95.

I decided to share some of my personal favorites here today. First up my top 5, followed by two more highly recommended images.

1. The World War One Flying Ace:

My favorite print, I have a thing for that classic, adventurous pilot design, especially when Leon draws them. ;) Hee hee I had as mall hand in this one. From what I hear, he has another similar themed character on the way as well. ^_^ Hanging this on your wall will ensure he flies you away to some sweet dreams.

2. The Gladiator:

Urbanmusiq and I share a great love of Barbarians and Gladiator characters. Here he has created a superb specimen inspired by the Show Spartacus Blood and Sand.

3: The Joggers:

I have commented to Leon NUMEROUS times that he really needs to expand on what's happening here one day! This would be great for your own personal gym. (It might distract you from doing your regular workout though.)

4: Studly Surfer:

Leons fuzzy chested surfer would be perfect for a dorm room, or Bathroom. Be aware that by placing it there may have guest taking a few extra minuets to exit the room. ;)

5: Thor God of Thunder:

Leons take on Thor is a lovely and revealing tribute to Chris Hemsworths portrayal of the character in the 2011 film. Perfect for the comic geek on your Christmas list!
(Keep in mind, that if he is living in his parents basement, it might be a little hard to hang. XD)

Please check out all of Leons Prints by Clicking The Link Below.
*You will have select your country before it will bring up the product page

Also strongly recommend:

The Footy Boys:

Perfect for both the car and football enthusiast on your list. Two hunks check each other out in a change room.

Mardi Gra:

Mardi Gras party envisioned by Leons, who himself is an expert on club life! The result is gorgeous and perfect for nightlife lover on your list.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Dil's Pickle

Okay so that's the lamest post title ever, but I couldn't resist using it. :P Today two sextacular images of Dil, the fantastic creation of Patrick Fillion, as drawn by Sirio and FallenAngel! As you guys could guess from my review, I am totally enamored by this character. He's just too wild looking. He looks like such a primordial hunk.^O^

First we have him taking a picture of himself by my dear friend Sirio. I can picture him plotting to escape the clutches of the evil Dr. Pupae. Maybe he would find a way to coax the doctor into going to some sort of ultra holographic porn site. Once on, the Dr. would whack himself into unconsciousness while looking at the men found within. Using his spines, picking his cell lock would be very easy. He could sneak out, steal a camera, right a note asking for rescue, take a shot very, post it and sneak back in his cell quickly and without notice.

That is what he starts out to do anyway. He is about to leave the bathroom, when he glances over his shoulder for one more look. The site of his perfect form is too much. He gets instantly hard. He starts to run his fingers up and done the frills of his cock. Thinking of freedom, his mind instantly races to that of the young Felinoid, he encountered. The brave young man is the only one he knows to have escaped Pupae. To his surprise, he finds Cam has stolen a place in his heart. The sudden realization, fills him with slight confusion and even greater lust. He thinks of Cams big fuzzy chest, his cool hairdo, the cats cool demeanor and giant cut cock as he rubs faster and faster up and down his own bony meat. He thinks of Cam laying on his back, beckoning him forward. Of Cam taking both hands and opening his man hole wide for Dils big dick. He remembers his hot tight hole and how easily Cam took his cock, despite his protests, as the scene continues in his mind. No one had ever rode him like that before. He grabs his burning balls as he erupts all over the sink. He places his hands on the sink and bends over, spent and weak. The orgasm is grim reminder that Pupae barely keeps him alive. He is only infused with strength when the doctor needs him to perform some act of debautury on unwilling victims. "Cam...please help me." He whispers as single tear runs down his cheek. He regains his composure and quickly rushes to finish his task of posting his plea for rescue online, before the mad doctor awakes.

That night, Dil dreams of meeting Cam again. Greeting him on his ship, after Cam has come to his aid. Dil lowers his tough guy facade and confesses his feelings. Hoping that Cam can accept such a creature as he. The two embrace tenderly. They make love by low light. Using Cams various new sex toys like the Nova real doll. :P It's all a dream, but one Dil remembers long after waking up. Can someone like him, altered and twisted, can find someone as sweet as Cam beyond the land of dreams?

Thanks Sirio and FallenAngel. Your art is truly great. I have to give you extra thanks, because I know Dil is such a challenging creation to draw. (Though neither of you had any troubles drawing him!) You guys truly nailed him. And Fallen you Cam looks even more prefect in your anime style. There is just something about his face that looks so awesome done by you. (Something about him keeps bringing Yu Yu Hakusho to mind!) Your art inspired me to do a little writing just now. :P
LOL that FallenAngel, he's always full of tricks! I hope you guys caught the two little Easter Eggs. :P

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Orgy! (Sorta.)

Happy Thanksgiving My American Friends! I got some real tasty vittles for you tonight. Vann is gonna enjoy some white and dark meat, thanks to FallenAngel! My men are about to gorge themselves on some Devilhound! Vann hasn't learned that Devilhounds butt is not for the taking. That tail is in there, but good! He should save his strength and focus on that thick uncut rod of Devilhounds instead. Stubborn guy!
I had this idea around summer time. I sent it to FallenAngel and added all the dressings.

I hope you guys enjoy yourselves today and get to spend the holiday weekend with those you hold so dear. We already had our holiday in October, but hey, if you have any extra turkey, feel free to send some up here!

Now THAT'S a Turkey!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Vann Meets Cauldron

Vann stumbles into Varda and admires his new friends fishing skills and so much more!

Link isn't the only Elf who's getting attention today. This super fantastic picture of Vann Illian by FallenAngel came in early this morning. And if it wasn't for my running out and getting Skyward Sword, it would have been posted first thing in the AM. So far I think I am enjoying it more then the new Zelda game. (Oh that's harsh.) This image is more of a triumph as Fallen brings the heat with two astoundingly built characters. This is his first time drawing Cauldron and I am very delighted with the results. His Vann is colored to scrumptious perfection. We got this idea based on a picture I found. It made me think of Vann vacationing somewhere in Asia. Originally I though of him meeting up with Zahn, but switched in Cauldron instead. Cauldrons costume has a sorta samurai feel to it. That always hinted (to me anyway,) that he might be from an Asian part of Varda.
Cauldron one of the Stars of Zahn #2 and first introduced in Striptease. In Zahn #2 he features in what is arguably one of the hottest sex scenes in comic history.

Image that influenced our picture.

Now, I have to say if you like like FallenAngels Nubian warriors, you MUST check out his latest pictures of Mabootu. It's been a very long time since he drew the character and holding back resulted in three organismic images! Enjoy!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fantasia Centaur Plate

Last month I bid on a really nice Fantasia plate that was made back in 1990. I did so due to the lack of anything decent Fantasia themed at Disney itself. The plate was really cheap, only about $10, if that. It's not huge, but the picture is really nice. I don't think it's rare either. It should pop up on E-Bay from time to time if you want one.

In case you're wondering, yes I have thought about doing something porny with centaurs of Fantasia. I have tried to do something a few times, but nothing has come of it as yet. Maybe one day.

Gonna Be Kicking It Old School Tomorrow

The new Zelda comes out tomorrow, so I'll be getting up at the crack of dawn to get my copy of Skyward Sword. I hope it's good. Why do I say old school? Cause Zelda never changes. Can't wait to get my bomb, bow and boomerang. >__< I played Rayman Origins today. I am very tempted to spend my money on it instead. Anyway, Zelda shouldn't keep me from Blogging. I should have a couple hot pictures to share by tomorrow afternoon.

This is a funny Zelda Rap by Duane & Brando. Hope it tides you Zelda nuts over till tomorrow morning. XD

Speaking of Nintendo stuff, I wanted to share this little piece of music. It's from PPK called Resurrection. About 6 years ago it was all over the radio here. Is it me, or does it not sound like it was very inspired by Metroid?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Conan The Barbarian Jerk off Video

Inspired by the Jason Momoa portrayal of Conan the Barbarian, I commissioned Cray last month to do a picture of him. (I really should be commissioning a lot more from this movie.) The picture is as far as I am concerned, Crays hottest piece to date. He really did a magnificent job capturing the size and power of Conan. The coloring is outstanding and that dick is just legendary! I told Cray this a million times already though. XD
Cray was good enough to provide a few extras with the picture. That is, he added Conans foreskin at different positions with the cum spewing a little more, or less in each one. I took those and fiddled with them, making various versions with no cum. I had so much fun doing that, I tried my hand at making a little video of Conan jerking off. The reaction I got was very positive and I had plans to post it here last month. That was when I got a little overly ambitious, thinking of ways to improve the short video. AND that was when I started to put it to the side. Well tonight I sat for a couple hours and finally completed my little gay Conan quest! Yeah, it's cheesy and it looks a little like a Game and Watch, but hell if they made Game and Watches like this, I would certainly be buying them. :P I hope you guys enjoy my first little video!

Conan the Fratman

While I prepare todays big blog post, here's a little something to enjoy. As a Conan fan I found it interesting that Fratmen.TV's hunk Bailey was dubbed a Conan look alike. Yeah he is a big guy, with hairdo that looks pretty Barbarian. He's got that just right amount of fuzz on his chest, legs and bum too. He certainly could play the role.

Fuzzy Bum! Barbarians don't shave!

When I got the clip, of course I was hoping (in vain) that someone at Fratmen.TV would at least put him in a Conan Costume at one point. These videos are always composed of two dull jerk off scenes, alas it was not to be. It was just another cheap, typical, run of the mill, boring video of a guy jerking off on the bed and in the shower.

Someone has a long neck...

So how was his performance? Well, This is where the boring comes in. With Bailey being be dubbed a Barbarian, one would expect the savage to at least make some noise during sex. Bailey must still be used to keeping quiet while he pulls it at home and not having savage sex, cause even as he cums he hardly lets a whisper of satisfaction pass his lips.

I didn't know Barbarians wore braces. He looks way too pale here.

What's not boring is Baileys cock. Someone tried to circumcise him, but literally did a half ass job of it. He's got about half of his foreskin left. I would say he's somewhere between a CI-3 and C1-4, making him very unique indeed.
That's a lot of extra skin.

Now he's uncut....
Then he's cut! XD

I only stumble upon Bailey recently. He debuted in January of 2007 and I don't think there has been anything porn wise with him produced afterward. We never get to hear him speak, so we no idea what he sounds like, or where he was from. (Maybe he wasn't American.) So I can also guess he never did don the loin cloth and battle Axe and play the role in a porn spoof of Conan. Bummer...

This pose sums up my overall impression of Bailey.


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