Friday, November 11, 2011

Jacob Black Gets Blown

Well looks like The Three Musketeers is fairing even worse then Conan did at the box office. (Worldwide it has made a decent little amount at least.) So now it looks like Logan, I mean D'Artagnan, has turned to Taylor, that is, Jacob looking for a chance to become a teen heartthrob in the Twilight series. First the arrogant little French soldier has to strip and get on his knees to try out!

Jacob has been running all morning through the woods. He's all hot and sweaty. D'Artagnan gets a good whiff of his uncut musk when the teen wolf thrusts his cock under his nose and makes him peel back the foreskin with his lips. D'Artagnan tries to pull his head away, but Jacob grabs it firmly in one hand and forces his hot steaming cock back into the Musketeers mouth. After awhile, D'Artagnan decides to take charge and slowly raises his arm to grasp the massive werewolf dick. It's so hard and thick, he can hardly get his hand around the shaft. The sticky monster pulsates so much he expects it to suddenly explode at any second. It doesn't. Jacob is totally in control, though he almost loses it a couple times. Once he lost his concentration watching the younger mans dick getting longer and harder. The sheer size of the perfect cock on such a beautiful boy was almost too much for him to take. A second time he came even closer to cumming, when he saw D'Artagnan started to play with his own cock, dipping his fingers into his foreskin and pulling out long strings of precum. Jacob had to pull out for a second. He wasn't quick enough and found himself letting out a couple small squirts of warm cum. They oozed down the back of his red head. D'Artagnan just snickered, whipped the cum off and forced him back into his mouth.

After that Jacob was putty in his hands. It wasn't long before D'Artagnan felt the rush of cum traveling up the shaft. The cock expanded even bigger as it got ready to squirt. The mushroom head expanded so much it popped from his mouth. D'Artagnan leaned back and stroked it hard and fast wanting the cum to land on his chest. "Nah, you gotta take it all bitch. If you want this part, pucker up." Jacob pushed his oozing head back onto the twinks lips. Jacob yelled out, he was cumming. He let out a Howel as he came more and more. D'Artagnans face was filled with shock as he tasted another mans seed for the first time. The cream filled his mouth and ran down his chin.
When it was all over Jacob pulled up his jeans. As he ran away he pretened to suddenly realize the last film in the Twilight series had already been filmed. "Sorry D'Artagnan, maybe I can find a spot for you on the TV spin off, or animated series, if there is one!" Jacob Laughed as he dissapeared into the woods. Under his breath D'Artagnan swore revenge.

To be continued....

Todays sex story inspiring pieces were drawn by FallenAngel of course! I am glad to see people enjoying and commenting on his Twilight and Musketeers works. There has even been requests of a short manga with these guys. We actually had a couple ideas for this that didn't make it into this, so we certainly have some stuff already to work with if we do pursue a short comic. For now I hope you guys will enjoy this sensual art. Nothing better then young men enjoying each other in the woods, unless it's depicted by FallenAngel! ^o^ Jacob seems to be losing his summer tan. He certainly still walks around like it's summer though. (Thankfully for us.)

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