Saturday, November 5, 2011

D'Artagnan in the hands of FallenAngel

A couple weeks ago I took in the Three Musketeers with a friend of mine. Maybe it was because we went in with the lowest expectations, but we both found the movie to be extremely fun. It has some faults here and there, It's not exactly Jurassic Park, or Star Wars, but overal it's not half anywhere near as bad as the critiques might have you believe. If you are looking for a change of pace and are interested in a delightful fantasy/spy/steampunk take on the classic French story, then I can recommend it. While watching the movie, I couldn't help noticing how cute Logan Lerman was as D'Artagnan. He's so adorable, with his boyish good looks and long hair. Yes I couldn't resist making some request to yaoi him up a bit. :P Since he's so pompous in the movie, I decided to go with some ideas that have him more at the mercy of others. It's nice to see him being taken down a notch! :P
Here is the first awesome work to be completed. This one is by ever talented FallenAngel. He did a superb job modeling an anime version of D'Artagnan, making him even cuter then he is on film! Logan doesn't look like he as ever worked out a day in his life, but Fallen gave him a sweet ass chest.

I would wager dollars to donuts that Logan is cut, being such an all American boy, but since the character is from the 17th Century I can't really see him as being anything but uncut. And what a sweet uncut dick it is. :D Really enjoyable wrinkles there Fallen! XD
Here are some links FallenAngel suggested we share regarding the movie and actor:

And here are some sexy pictures of D'Artagnan. ;^D

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  1. :D nyahhhh :3 open that shirt, boy! XD- FallenAngel



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