Thursday, November 17, 2011

Musketeer Begging for Mercy

Hey guys, this is my latest commission from Kagami06. It's D'Artagnan at the mercy of three unknown assailants. At first glance you might think they are guards, who have captured the young man and are forcing him at sword point to pleasure them. But, maybe just maybe there is more to this. It could just be that these are the Musketeers themselves. Each man in the image is shown to be cut with heavy circumcision scar. It could be that circumcision by sword is part of the initiation ritual. :O Hmmm...Maybe that's a little bit too twisted for something on this site, but at least it's not half as disturbing as the castration scene in THE IMMORTALS. (I had to look away. Yikes!)

Thanks so much for the crazy picture Kagami! D'Artagnan looks really great. I love how twinky he is. Very fitting, since I am sure this is the same as Logan Lermans body type. His tight little foreskin looks pretty cute. I hope he can keep it. :P

To find out more about Kagami and his pen for hire check out his page here:

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  1. I like his pose and expression :D - FallenAngel



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