Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gay Holiday Shopping: DNA Man by Allain De Leon

Leon De Leon (At Class Comics), or as we all know him here as Urbanmusiq, has some very large poster sized prints of his DNA Man poster prints for sale. He's been doing a DNA man each month since December 2010, so there is a great variety of 12 different prints to choose from at the moment, with more on the way. The posters are also all really big too, making them perfect for doors, garages and rec rooms and dens.

They come in two sizes:
A2- 420mm x 594mm (16.5 x 23.4) that retails for $19.95
A1- 594mm x 841mm (23.4 x 33.1) that retails for $29.95.

I decided to share some of my personal favorites here today. First up my top 5, followed by two more highly recommended images.

1. The World War One Flying Ace:

My favorite print, I have a thing for that classic, adventurous pilot design, especially when Leon draws them. ;) Hee hee I had as mall hand in this one. From what I hear, he has another similar themed character on the way as well. ^_^ Hanging this on your wall will ensure he flies you away to some sweet dreams.

2. The Gladiator:

Urbanmusiq and I share a great love of Barbarians and Gladiator characters. Here he has created a superb specimen inspired by the Show Spartacus Blood and Sand.

3: The Joggers:

I have commented to Leon NUMEROUS times that he really needs to expand on what's happening here one day! This would be great for your own personal gym. (It might distract you from doing your regular workout though.)

4: Studly Surfer:

Leons fuzzy chested surfer would be perfect for a dorm room, or Bathroom. Be aware that by placing it there may have guest taking a few extra minuets to exit the room. ;)

5: Thor God of Thunder:

Leons take on Thor is a lovely and revealing tribute to Chris Hemsworths portrayal of the character in the 2011 film. Perfect for the comic geek on your Christmas list!
(Keep in mind, that if he is living in his parents basement, it might be a little hard to hang. XD)

Please check out all of Leons Prints by Clicking The Link Below.
*You will have select your country before it will bring up the product page

Also strongly recommend:

The Footy Boys:

Perfect for both the car and football enthusiast on your list. Two hunks check each other out in a change room.

Mardi Gra:

Mardi Gras party envisioned by Leons, who himself is an expert on club life! The result is gorgeous and perfect for nightlife lover on your list.


  1. all pics are awesome!
    but...i really love the gladiator!! ♥ç♥


  2. Wow, his art will never cease to amaze me, it's just gorgeous!

  3. I agree with Sirio, the Gladiatorrrrr :D and the flying ace too - FallenAngel



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