Sunday, November 6, 2011

Introducing The First DPK Product: The Lil'Deep Dildo!

After seeing all the baddragon and Fleshlight Freaks dildos, ranging from zombies to Aliens, Adonix decided that we need to explore this avenue as well. So he came up with this hilarious and sexy ad campaign for our own Lil'Deep. Love that catch phrase! XD The large 'Deep Dive' dildo is 15 inches. (around) It's is equipped with moveable foreskin, extra spongy penis head and scaly skin for extra smooth and sensitive action. :^P There's nothing Lil about the experience you will have with this dildo.

Product does not actually exist, this is just a gag post. :P We both really would love to see this made one day.


  1. Dammit DP!! I was drinking my coffee after the art comes out XD LOL* nice one dont tell me your into advertising business now :D - FallenAngel

  2. LOL I think that's the exact reaction we were hoping for. :P Oh one day, we have to get into some sort of merchandising. Maybe a Calendar, or an digital art book. :D

  3. Why not :D it goes on planning and budget :) - FallenAngel

  4. my mate is so mad, she wants a nice non crappy looking dildo with movible foreskin, she saw this and drooled till i pointed out its not real lol

    1. LOL! I wish it was real too. Man, a workable foreskin didlo would be so great!



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