Friday, May 31, 2019

Tadashi Hamada Full Colour Nude

Hello Guys,

As you can see I have Tashi in colour to share with you today!  Tadashi was my birthday gift from Leon back in 2015.  At the time he did a full colour of the character in his undies, but not of the version with his erect penis out.  So on top of the slew of goodies he sent me in the mail, he decided to also put the finishing touches on Tadashi here, as well as add a cum variant for us all to enjoy!  This was a very thoughtful birthday card.  It certainly rekindled my love of this character.  A character we lost way too soon.  I still remember seeing the 'fake' production art for the TV show and being fooled into believing he would be in the cast.  Such a let down, when the truth came out.

Here is a couple little shots of what he sent me.   There are Cheetos with bacon, something we don't have here in Canada!  Chomp cars, which are a gooey chocolate wafer like bar.  I still have one left and am saving it for the final Raptors game. hee hee.  I got to try Cadbury Caramel Kolas. (Which went so fast!!)  Thick milk chocolate with sweet caramel inside.  Each one is individually wrapped.  There are food themed erasers, a squishy panda, for my Splatoon rages...and an awesome mini arcade game! It has a ton of little mini games on it.  It looks fantastic on display, because the cabinet was really well designed.  

On a side note, I went to see Godzilla last night.  I really enjoyed it. It probably was a bit too long, but that isn't such a big fault.  Honestly it was the movie we SHOULD have got in 2014.  One thing about it was that if you didn't already know these characters, the gravitas of some of the reveals and plot points might be lost on you.  I will say though that Legendary writers always come across and having the same story telling prowess of Flounder explaining the shark attack to Triton in the Little Mermaid.   
The disasters created by the creatures could always stand for a little more creativity and possibly even a few fun/funny moments.  After you see the 30th building collapse, it loses a bit of the lustre.  Still, I highly recommend it.  Not as fun as Skull Island, but no where near as dull as Godzilla 2014.  

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