Saturday, May 4, 2019

Happy Birthday Lastmanouthere and Sirio!

Good morning everyone!  I had two birthdays pass just recently and decided to have some beautiful birthday greetings drawn up for them.  With Lastmanouthere, I always ask the artists to pick the character they would most like to draw.  Lastmanouthere has a HUGE catalogue of studs to choose from, so I wasn't surprised to see Sirio pick Hasi the Shepherd Prince of the Huichol.  The character made his depute in 2015 and was due for a come back.  I decided on the theme of him getting away from his flock, to dream of men he has seen in his travels.  There he can gaze at the moon in the cool summer breeze and gently stroke his massive uncut tube, till his man milk covers his chest.  I think Sirio did a magical job on the image. Maybe it is time to bring him back for more fun in the future!

FallenAngel decided to go with what is new and hot from Lastmanouthere, picking Leelh the Bard.  He decided to show off the characters dancing and posing skills.  Reminiscent of a seven vales style of image, he gives a nice classic charm to the image.  Here though,  we have ginger man with a sausage that would make even the straightest voyeur consider their sexual preferences, not a flapper girl. ;P

Finally we have a nice little classic.  Sirio loves her comic heroes so I convinced FallenAngel to draw her Superman! This is a rarity as Fallen tends to stay away from DC and Marvel.  (Though to be fair, this is extremely G rated, something he doesn't exactly avoid.)  Speaking of birthdays, for Fallen, Leon did a very cute picture of Cutie Honey and Devilman.  The reason I have not posted it, is because the main focus is on her.  Not sure if there is any demand for that on this site.

Well, giving out so many gifts, got me wanting something for myself.  One day I came across a Barney Night Light I have wanted since the early 80s.  I used to see him and Fred at groceries stores.  I was always told I don't need it, so was always denied.  Looking back on it and the PRICE I am a little miffed at how cheap my parents were.  Anyway, I decided to buy him and low and behold he still works with the original bulb.  40 years old and works like a charm!  Stuff was made to last back then!
Planning to hunt down Fred next.

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