Thursday, June 30, 2011

Skelldon Juggles Tonia Coloured by Caravaggia

I was going through the many blog posts from last year and found that I had not yet posted this wonderfully image of FeralElfs that was coloured by Caravaggia. This was done back in early May of last year. I so loved the original playful line art so much, that I sent it right away to Caravaggia to splash some colour on it. Her work on Feralelfs huge sexy Skelldon and funny take on Tonia gave the image even more depth. It's been up in her gallery for over a year and I think it's about time it got some spotlight here on the blog too! :D

This was my reaction:
Excellent work you guys! Love the colours you gave the boys Caravaggia! You really brought out the muscles so well. The pubes really stand out! The background is very fitting too. A nice vast expanse of rock and the look of emptiness.

Love how Skelldon is such a tank of man meat! And Tonia is so perfectly mismatched with the cute skinny frame you gave him. Awesome stuff!

You can see the original image of by FeralElf here:

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vann Illia Meets Repunzel!

This comic started off as a one page gag and just kept growing and growing. Looks like Vann has decided to act like a noble prince charming. He has come to the aid of poor Rapunzel trapped high in the tower!

Dinosaurprince's Kingdom proudly presents:
Vann Illia the Barbarian #3
Vann meets Rapunzel
With Art By FallenAngel
Story By Dinosaurprince

This manga was a blast to draw out and watch Fallen give life too! I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we did creating it. My favorite touch Fallen added was a the sweet little kiss that Rapunzel gives Vann on the way down and the confused little UFO. So adorable! Even after many pages were done, I found myself coming up with more and more ideas. So much so that we extended the ending. Maybe one day Rapunzel will return.

This was my second take on the male version of Rapunzel. This image went through a couple changes before being sent to Fallen. The outfit was hard to decide upon. I thought about giving him a chameleon necklace at first to tie it to the recent Disney movie a bit. Fallen did an amazing job on the design. Thank you Fallen for your continued support, bottomless imagination and endless enthusiasm. ^_^

Sunday, June 26, 2011

FallenAngel Cavegirl Cutie Kwi Kwi

Back in February I shared my little cavegirl character Kwi Kwi. At the end of May he presented me with this cute little revamped version of her!

He revamped her, giving her a totally sexy make over. He straightened her legs, shortened her ears (or just made her hair busier to hide them) and shaved her arms. :P The added bone necklace accessory was a nice touch. Man, those trilobite nipple covers are dangerously small! One slight move on their part and she will be in trouble with the BC FCC. XD
I really appreciated Fallens efforts to make her a supermodel now. :) Fallen certainly didn't skimp on the voluptuous skin and ample booty! Looks like Mt. Fuji was still active back in her time. Thanks again FallenAngel. Enjoy guys!

You can see my original take on her here:

Cute Prehistoric Couples Old and New!

King of Dragons By Julie Bell

Last month, I found this high quality scan of the box art for Capcom's King of Dragons for the Super Nintendo. When I was a young man, I probably just disregarded it for not being true to the games 'anime style.' I wasn't a fan of westernizing game. Looking at it now, I can really appreciate it for the great piece of art it is. The warrior's got some sexy legs! :P

Cloudy Sunday Groo Puzzles

It's a cool, cloudy Sunday morning here. The perfect time and day for sitting in an doing a couple puzzles. The Rufferto maze was the final one produced during the Marvel run. Enjoy!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Ademir Coloured By Me! :P

FallenAngel asked me some time ago to color one of his pieces for practice. He sent me Ademir as you can see! I just went wild with the colors instead of following his original scheme. Thanks to MLM4anemone I learned some tricks in Sai that made coloring a .jpg a lot easier. I had to redraw some lines here and there, but it wasn't as hard as I thought it might be. I still have a lot to learn, but I hope you guys like it. :)

The Music of DuckTales

DuckTales was a huge favorite of mine growing up. It was an awesome show and the music is just beautiful. It's a shame Disney did such a slap dash job re-releasing their 80's and 90's classics on DVD. A soundtrack for each show would have been an awesome bonus feature. It's amazing what you can find online these days. Back in the day I would purchased these without hesitation.

You can here more of Duck Tales and the composers other works here:

Here is a small selection from the movie:

A Gay, Or Just Macho Super Mario Parody?

The sexy Mario Piece done by Maduinshorn came about for a number of reasons. One was a little inspiration from some odd pictures I found online. The sites that listed the images, only had one, or two of these them to show. The links to the official sites had died long ago. So while Maduinshorn was busy at work on the latest piece, I was scouring the net looking for the rest of this um..interesting set. Eventually I found it. I think I had to do a Japanese search to do so. Due to how hard it is to find these, I am presenting them to you guys today. Most American sites listed them as being gay, but something about them makes me doubt that. Can you name all the characters?

Check out the guy in the Blooper outfit! :P

This fight with a Ninji(?) was where it ended. Aside from this final image of Toad, there was nothing else to be found by the artist. The site I found had a lot of similarly themed Mario art, at least. I guess the person never finished the strip. :(
Here are some of the other pieces I found in my search for Gay Mario art:

That One Up Mushroom looks a little too happy! The Cheep Cheeps have come up for a better view! :O

And of course these two CONSTANTLY came up... XD

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Super Maduinshorn Brothers

Mario knocks out a Super Penis Mushroom for his brother. If Luigi flaps that thing up and down, I wonder if he can fly with it? XD

I was looking at some really gay themed Super Mario images one day last month. The images I found were neat, but they just seemed to only skim the surface of their own gay theme. I instantly thought of how Maduinshorn's skills could really create some sexy Mario characters. I proposed an idea and he was in. It was something he himself had thought about. Too cool. From there he worked his magic. I asked for some different colors and themes to be present. I really love Luigi's Super Mario Bros one color scheme, even though there is very little art that shows him with the white cap and green pants. (Except as Fire Luigi later on.) I also wanted to use Marios original red pants. I always liked them. Yoshi was made humanoid and very sexy. Maduinshorn decided to make him slim. I thought it was really funny how he has just hatched from his egg and is instantly horny. :P
Like in the game I noticed Maduinshorn made Mario bigger then Luigi. Even though they have beautiful buff bodies, he is larger then his brother! XD Though Mario might be jealous enough of that perfectly curved meat, to start hoping Luigi will take a hit and lose his advantage in size. Maduinshorn did an exceptional job making them sexy. Giving the boys spiked hair was another great idea.
When I was asked about the background I scribbled different creatures all over the page for fun. I sent my ideas and many images from Mario players guides to help fuel Maduinshorns imagination. I was shocked when I saw he added in all the creatures I scribbled on top of a top notch background! :D Even the star road is included! I really like how he got the 2D feel into it with the sudden drop behind the brothers, separating Yoshi.
Well that's it for tonight. I hope you guys like it! Maybe tomorrow I will show you the art I found that started all this.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nova Vs The Anubis Hydra By Maduinshorn

One day Cleo was lured into a strange cave filled with treasures. He was eager to take some to help his less then fortunate friends and for a little spending money for himself of course! Sadly he found the entrance blocked by a Anubis Hydra. The creature tied him up. He was to be just another jewel for it's collection. Cleo prayed to the Gods for release. They sent him a handsome warrior from the stars! It's Nova to the rescue! But will even all his brawn he be able to defeat the great beast?
It had been way too long since Maduinshorn had drawn Nova. Not since I had originally commissioned him! So it was high time to see him back in action by his pen. As well Cleo had also not been penned by him since last year. (And only in sketch form at that.) So I we killed two desires at once! I wanted to see Nova doing something heroic. Striking a pose and saving the day. So I thought about combining the Hydra with Anubis. I have to say, Maduinshorn really set the bar high after this one. Nova has one hell of a body. He is riiiiiiiiiiiiiped! (To think my original intention with him in '09 was to keep him slim. :P) Loving those boots and his big balls. The balls look like they could act as a Newton's cradle! Cleo looks very convinced that his savior will succeed in his task. He's forgotten the danger at hand and let his mind focus on the beautiful form in front of him. (Which is obvious from his thick erection.)
I really like what Maduinshorn did with my basic background ideas. Putting the giant penis on wall hooks and having Cleo elevated on a platform with steps were clever additions. I was hoping he would give the image a bit of a 'cave of wonders' feel. The golden treasure chamber room looks perfect and much better what then I had initially doodled! :P

I have not been posting many line arts, sketches and flats these days. I loved the line art so much, I had to show it off. The men are GORGEOUS! Just check out all the wicked details on the Anubis Hydra. You can see even here, how much love and care Mario put into him. Maduinshorn really knows how to do some kick ass beasts!

When I sketched the Hydra I took a little bit of inspiration from the boss in the Super Nintendo Classic Super Ghouls And Ghosts. (Above.) I would show the sketch but it's so bad! :P So here instead is a less then terrible sketch of Vann I drew late last night. See you next time!

Groo Puzzles for Sunday

It's fathers day! Time to cook dad breakfast in bed, or serve him a nice home made lunch. Print off these puzzles to keep him entertained, or at best to keep his mind off the slop you cooked him! :P

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hot and Cool Running Vann

Tonight, the art of both Maduinshorn and Adonix in one mind blowing post! First he revisit the Cave Castle as Peng is Forced onto the Red Dragons giant cock in a gasp inducing image by Maduinshorn!

This was planned out at the time the Vann Comic #2 was being done. This is an extension of the scene where Peng gets fucked. He complains of the size, so the dragon gives him a helping hand, or in this case a finger! Madiunshorn tried out some new elegant wings on Peng. I think they give him some really beautiful flare. The illumination is a wonderful touch. They really make his perfect beefiness stand out! Gotta love those big pecks. I doubt I have ever commissioned anything as hard core as this. The one finger push down I find very intense! XD The Dragon is simply amazing with so much detail on his wings. Such a wickedly brilliant piece. In honor of Mario I have decided to call the Red Dragon Shorn. :D

Now we move from a flaming encounter of rough sex, to one of calm sweet embrace. Adonix coloring certainly gives this beautiful piece a calm, soft and gentle feel to it. Vann Illia is very much at peace with the idea of Lerhoo performing fellatio on his massive meat. It was such a treat to see him take on Vann. Adonix is amazing. He brought so much warmth and elegance to the character. A lot of people that have already seen this have commented already on Vanns hair, which I have to agree looks beautiful. It's unkempt and still sexy! I got a laugh at Lerhoos expression. It's like he is asking the viewer, "Do I really have to wrap my mouth around something that big?" XD The coloring is just outstanding.


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