Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hanging out with Vann Illia The Barbarian and Equinnus the Centaur By C & R

Hey guys, I promised you all a centaur picture and here it is! I've been holding onto this friggen hot image for a long time now. I really liked it and squirreled it away for a couple months while I fawned over it. Hee hee. But I wasn't totally greedy! This superior image was done when Vann was just coming to be and helped shaped my vision of him as well as being one of the guides for artists to use time and again. :) It has served as inspiration time and again in a very short time.

This was another Centaur first, being C's first experience drawing one. The Greeks of old would be proud. (You know the ones I am talking about.) Sorry a little Hedonism Bot there. :P He's a magnificent creature. With a too perfect cock and one of my favorite foreskins I have ever seen C do. It looks like it's puckering out the head! :D Come get some Vann!

C made Vann one super cool muscles hunk. Love that strong lower jaw, massive chest and strong legs. R's coloring is just fantastic, from the glimmering gold, to the wavy fur of Vann's loincloth. I especially like the shading on Vann's belly button to make it look a bit sunken. Super sweet detail. Be careful there Vann, if you do out flex Equinnus, he may just kick you to win the match. :P

C's posed both men with elegance and R put them on top of a grassy meadow, with a touch of blue sky behind them. This image actually hit a cord with me cause I got it just before Easter and the coloring reminds me of the stickers you get to put on eggs! It has a touch of the spirit of the perfect spring day. The sun gently hitting them, the wind blowing Equinnus hair, the world alive and new again. They are an unstoppable team! Thanks again guys!

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  1. Flexing with huge danggling rod? priceless! - FallenAngel



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