Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Super Maduinshorn Brothers

Mario knocks out a Super Penis Mushroom for his brother. If Luigi flaps that thing up and down, I wonder if he can fly with it? XD

I was looking at some really gay themed Super Mario images one day last month. The images I found were neat, but they just seemed to only skim the surface of their own gay theme. I instantly thought of how Maduinshorn's skills could really create some sexy Mario characters. I proposed an idea and he was in. It was something he himself had thought about. Too cool. From there he worked his magic. I asked for some different colors and themes to be present. I really love Luigi's Super Mario Bros one color scheme, even though there is very little art that shows him with the white cap and green pants. (Except as Fire Luigi later on.) I also wanted to use Marios original red pants. I always liked them. Yoshi was made humanoid and very sexy. Maduinshorn decided to make him slim. I thought it was really funny how he has just hatched from his egg and is instantly horny. :P
Like in the game I noticed Maduinshorn made Mario bigger then Luigi. Even though they have beautiful buff bodies, he is larger then his brother! XD Though Mario might be jealous enough of that perfectly curved meat, to start hoping Luigi will take a hit and lose his advantage in size. Maduinshorn did an exceptional job making them sexy. Giving the boys spiked hair was another great idea.
When I was asked about the background I scribbled different creatures all over the page for fun. I sent my ideas and many images from Mario players guides to help fuel Maduinshorns imagination. I was shocked when I saw he added in all the creatures I scribbled on top of a top notch background! :D Even the star road is included! I really like how he got the 2D feel into it with the sudden drop behind the brothers, separating Yoshi.
Well that's it for tonight. I hope you guys like it! Maybe tomorrow I will show you the art I found that started all this.

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  1. OH...MY...GAWD!!!!! O_O Maduinshorns thats one crazy idea you've created :D - FallenAngel



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