Monday, June 13, 2011

Hard Gay Pop-Up Pirates

I was going to include in Fallen into Stranger Tides post a little feature on my Pop-Up Pirates Jack Sparrow Edition. I thought it was was pretty unique when I found it years ago. Since it's locked up in storage at the moment, I went online to find some images. In the process I came across something even stranger. There's a Hard Gay Version of the game out there as well. The whole thing is based on a Japanese pun revolving around the name of comedian Masaki Sumitani's character Hard Gay. It's fun when you find something even more interesting then what you originally intended to post about. :P

This guy used to be a professional wrestler and it shows in the way he carries himself here. He's pretty hot. Sadly it turned out he was not at all gay. (Not that surprising after seeing him in action.) I hear this caused some controversies in Japan.

HardGay TOMY by hansing
Here is some crazy video of him trying to sell the toy idea to Tommy. It's really silly, to say the least. I couldn't watch the whole thing, but it has a great moment when he comes on to some American tourists.

Here is the the working toy. It actually talks as you poke and prod him. Oh my!

He was popular enough in Japan to got a cameo in Nintendos own Tingle game on the DS. He plays a construction worker. (What else?) I have no pictures, but I found a video.
I would know more about the game, but it was dubbed too gay for the Bible thumping part of the US market. grrrrr....

This is the Jack Sparrow Pop-Up Pirates game. It's pretty small. I used to keep it on my desk at work. People would play with it every so often. It's still in mint condition with the box. I can't imagine me ever selling it though. If I had to make a choice between this and the Hard Gay version, I would still pick Jack.:)


  1. I must say, Hard Gay and Tingle all in one post. It has me running in the opposite direction. XDD; They both frighten me. Too much skin-tight clothing!
    Though that Pirates game is reaaaallly adorable X3 Looks pretty fun in a novelty kinda way.

  2. I know, I know! This whole blog started out so innocently too. :P Good luck finding the game. I think they stopped making them 5 years ago.

  3. LOL* man he even got a game, thats a surprise, he did made a stint in wrestling too, in Japan not sure if its in New Japan , All Japan or NOAH - FallenAngel

  4. It's not that hard to find a copy of Tingle's Rosy Rupee Land.
    The game came out in Europe, where I live and it can easily found in second hand shops and around 10 to 15 Euro. It's also really fun.
    And no, Tingle does not work as a construction worker. He has been cursed by an evil deity to collect rupees, so he can come to a paradise called the rupee land.
    Yes, there is an english translation. I don't like Tingle myself, but the game is pretty good.

  5. I thought about buying the game and even downloading it, but I just don't find Tingle to be that engaging of a character. There's something about him I don't like. He's gay and a horrible stereotype, but Nintendo seems to refuse to admit this. That rubs me the wrong way. Maybe one day I will check it out. I did like his Balloon Fight. It seemed very fitting for some reason.
    Oops you misread! Hard Gay makes a cameo in the game as a construction worker. (See video.) :P



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