Sunday, June 26, 2011

FallenAngel Cavegirl Cutie Kwi Kwi

Back in February I shared my little cavegirl character Kwi Kwi. At the end of May he presented me with this cute little revamped version of her!

He revamped her, giving her a totally sexy make over. He straightened her legs, shortened her ears (or just made her hair busier to hide them) and shaved her arms. :P The added bone necklace accessory was a nice touch. Man, those trilobite nipple covers are dangerously small! One slight move on their part and she will be in trouble with the BC FCC. XD
I really appreciated Fallens efforts to make her a supermodel now. :) Fallen certainly didn't skimp on the voluptuous skin and ample booty! Looks like Mt. Fuji was still active back in her time. Thanks again FallenAngel. Enjoy guys!

You can see my original take on her here:

Cute Prehistoric Couples Old and New!

1 comment:

  1. glad you like it, I still got plans for her :D



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