Monday, June 6, 2011

Kraw Lash Meets Equinnus By JCARTBLOG

This awesome image was originally intended to be an epilogue piece to the latest Vann Illia comic. The scene depicts Kraw Lashes first meeting with Equinnus. He get's on his knees and worships the man-horse. I called on JCARTBLOG to once again draw these characters and once again he created something dazzling! In a pose only a centaur can do, Equinnus leans back and guides the head sucking his cock behind him. :) Love Equinnus's beautiful flowing hair. Kraw is sweet from his top to his sexy round bottom! I decided to give this image a little spot light of it's own, away from the comic since it's just so styling! Thanks again JCARTBLOG! Can't wait for our next adventure.
Enjoy! More Centaur fun tomorrow. :)


  1. is it hot in here or just me? :D great work JCARTBLOG :D - FallenAngel

  2. LOL That's my line! XD ha ha ha! Yeah he did one steamy image!



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