Friday, June 17, 2011

Hot and Cool Running Vann

Tonight, the art of both Maduinshorn and Adonix in one mind blowing post! First he revisit the Cave Castle as Peng is Forced onto the Red Dragons giant cock in a gasp inducing image by Maduinshorn!

This was planned out at the time the Vann Comic #2 was being done. This is an extension of the scene where Peng gets fucked. He complains of the size, so the dragon gives him a helping hand, or in this case a finger! Madiunshorn tried out some new elegant wings on Peng. I think they give him some really beautiful flare. The illumination is a wonderful touch. They really make his perfect beefiness stand out! Gotta love those big pecks. I doubt I have ever commissioned anything as hard core as this. The one finger push down I find very intense! XD The Dragon is simply amazing with so much detail on his wings. Such a wickedly brilliant piece. In honor of Mario I have decided to call the Red Dragon Shorn. :D

Now we move from a flaming encounter of rough sex, to one of calm sweet embrace. Adonix coloring certainly gives this beautiful piece a calm, soft and gentle feel to it. Vann Illia is very much at peace with the idea of Lerhoo performing fellatio on his massive meat. It was such a treat to see him take on Vann. Adonix is amazing. He brought so much warmth and elegance to the character. A lot of people that have already seen this have commented already on Vanns hair, which I have to agree looks beautiful. It's unkempt and still sexy! I got a laugh at Lerhoos expression. It's like he is asking the viewer, "Do I really have to wrap my mouth around something that big?" XD The coloring is just outstanding.


  1. Hehe, I love "That's to big to fit in there" pics (I wonder if there's an official name for that...)

    And the second pic is very sweet. Adonix has such a singular style of coloring ^^

  2. Maduinshorn and Adonix, hot stylish piece you got here :D -FallenAngel

  3. I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally don't believe that will fit all that well. D: LOL It's a tad large. XD I like his art style for the extreme largeness of character designs though. Looking great!



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