Friday, June 17, 2011

Hindered Mermaid Rescue by Jubell!

Hentai Ahoy! Todays first post features some really beautiful art from the always fun artist Jubell. Poor Philip! His heroic rescue attempt is not being made easy. Syrena noticed a slight bulge in Philips pants when he came to her aid. So she has commanded her ocean friends to help her get to the source of the protrusion in her face. It's hard to cut ropes, or just stay virtuous while someone is nuzzling at your thick uncut dick! :P

I really enjoyed seeing Jubell take on these movie characters. It's always fun to see Jubell to caricatures of famous stars. He certainly didn't disappoint here. Philip and Syrena both look as sexy they should. :D The hair on both is spot on! And I love that 5 o'clock shadow on Philips handsome mug. So fitting! He's so hot. :P Jubell told me how he loved to draw mermaids. It shows in every line and scale on Syrena. She'd stunning. Just check out the magnificent translucent tail! Jubell also came up with the idea for using ocean animals like crabs to help 'aid' Syrena. Always great when the artist expands on an idea in such a mischievous way! :P

Not only did Jubell spend a lot of time on the two stars, a ton of effort was put on the background to give it just the right setting and feel. I was given a full explanation of the plan for it. It was really interesting to read and even cooler to watch come to life. There is nothing like a cloudy morning by the sea. I can get lost in the clouds and waves and feel like I am really there. Ah, I smell the salty sea air! Excellent setting Jubell!

Thanks so much for this one! You guys should check out Jubells blog. There is a lot more variety on it then on the gay sites you may only associate the artist with.Link


  1. Way tha go Jubell! :D - FallenAngel

  2. Thanks Fallenangel ^^

    And thanks for the kind commentary DP =)

  3. Well, there are worse problems Philip could be in... :-)

    Nice job, Jubell!



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