Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Adonix Does Donkey Kong (And Disney too.)

Adonix and I had spoken about Donkey Kong Country Return in the past. He had been dying to do a little Donkey Kong for some time. It was only yesterday that he was influence to do this cute piece by browsing some old Donkey Kong images. Donkey Kong just turned 30 so those nerd specs on him are pretty appropriate! :P Though I think Adonix just wanted to make a sweeter geekier Kong. It's a wonderful silly and sexy tribute to Gamings #1 simian.

Donkey Kong Country Returns was such an awesome game. Check out this concept art with a node to Konkey Kong Jr Math. Too bad the pterodactyls didn't stay in the game. At least we finally got some dinosaurs in a Kong game though. :D

A little while ago Adonix sent me a super sweet gift image of Flynn Rider from Disney's Tangled. He looks spot on, but is way more buff! Sweet! He is such a charmer with those eyes. He could convince anyone to take their pants off. Who wouldn't want to run into him naked and illuminated by the lanterns? Hey Rapunzel, get your hair out the way!!! :P My version had little less hair bloking the view! :P

Adonix is currently open for commissions! Check out his info here:

Adonix Commission Journal

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