Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Huub, Ixy's Hot Childhood Friend

I had the honor of getting to see Huub Chan, or "Little Seashell" come to life some time ago. As the only Mayan character who has not been featured on this blog, I felt it was high time to show him off. He's totally the brain child of Lastmanouthere. I got to watch the poor lads rather rocky creation first hand. They say an artist must suffer for his art and boy did Lastmanouthere ever suffer. :( The files he was saved on kept corrupting thanks to Gimp. Progress was lost time and again. But finally Huub emerged from the inkwell in all his triumphant glory! :P For all the heartache, I think Lastmanouthere would agree that it was worth it.

Hubb is a very sweet entry into the cast. He has the body of a strong farmer, not a warrior. His arms are powerful and his chest tight. But his tummy is a little soft and pudgy! All the more to cuddle with I say! :D He's very youthful looking, with his soft features and simple, sexy, easy to maintain hair style. :) I can't wait to see this twink in action!

Huub Chan was a childhood friend to Ixy, before the latter was appointed as a living god. Huub is a simple kid who secretly loves his best friend. Nope, they have not consummated their relationship yet! XD He was very sad and lonely when Ixy left. Maybe Huub with journey to the city one day to visit his friend. Will Ixy still remember him? Huub seems to prefer to keep his life style and wardrobe simple. I wonder if that will clash with Ixy's new found elegant life? Only Lastman knows the answers to his fate!

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  1. Not bad! Hopefully Lastman's Gimp will have less trouble in getting Huub and Ixy together. :-)



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