Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Adonix's Twilight Halloween Treat

After the loss of his blog, Adonix started going over a lot of his older images. One such image that got a super refurbish was his legendary Jacob Black image. Adonix supports team Jacob in a big way this Halloween, with this hauntingly eerie and sexy image.

Jacob is hiding in the blackness of night, but steps forward just enough to give you a view you won't forget! Awesome stuff Adonix!

When Adonix drew this he really wanted to bring out his feral wolf side. He let Jacobs hair grow out a bit. His wonderful art coupled with some tricks to make this look like a photo taken at night make Jacob really show his bad boy side.


  1. One word... EXQUISITE!

    Though I'm far from what you'd call a Twilight fan, I can appreciate Taylor's natural beauty... and Adonix outdoes himself with this image. It's very sexy and quite beautifully done. BRAVO!!

    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXOX

  2. Ha ha ha I think many people are the same boat. The movie isn't really their thing, but the characters so HOT! XD Thanks so much for the kind word on Adonix wonderful remix Patrick. It's gonna really make him happy. :D

  3. At least Jacob looks better in action movies :D _FallenAngel

  4. lm not a Twilight fan, but l am however in LOVE with Jacob/Taylor Lautner :D I must say Adonix did an amazing job and Jacob's cock looks amazing (my mouth waters just by seeing it ) LOL



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