Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gay Ghosty Shower By Urbanmusiq

We are going psycho tonight at Dinosaurprince's Kingdom! It's an all out sensual shower attack on Belvadar by the one and only Urbanmusiq! It's been so long since I had a chance to commission Leon, I have been having some withdrawal symptoms. :P The wait only made me savor the flavor of this Halloween candy even more! ;) Urban is back in rare form with this image of Belvadar about to have a steamy spiritual encounter! XD

I always get Leons e-mails when I wake up. I remember very well wanting to dive right back into bed, till I opened this up. My eyes were so sleepy and I was so cranky...but wow did I wake up in a hurry after seeing the first sketch. Better then Tim Hortons coffee. XD Belvadar is looking super SWEEEEEEET! Urbanmusiq gave him a do of hair to die for yo!!!! It looks nice and slick, with variations on the strand lengths and positions. The body hair could not be thicker on this guys chest. LOL the way Bel has the two fingers pointing at his balls almost looks like he is gesturing, even getting ready to tap them to signal for the ghost to come and get some! Embarrassed That big thick uncut dick looks like it would wobble immensely with the slightest touch. Belvadar just first perfectly into that tight black skin. It looks so freaking sleek! GOSH! XD
The ghost, Jasper Edward Walldenbury is totally awesome! Doesn't he look so loving and sweet with his arms up like that? Urban really helped me come up with the perfect pose for him. One that shows off his body well and that massive vaporous member as well. One that didn't compromise the view by pushing him back further, or having him hiding in the mist behind the glass of the shower door. This pose and his facial expression make him look so innocent and sweet. That arm pose says a thousand words! Urban did something different with his hair as well. Instead of having it as just part of his head, he outlined it. I also got to see it with out the lines. I chose this one from the start, cause I love the hair do too much. :P

This image puts a wild and crazy song into my heart. XD
I got this melody from Sexy Parodius stuck in my mind. It's the boss them of Medusa. (The same as from Castlevania.) If you haven't played this game, you have to try too! This is one of the craziest, naughtiest fights in the history of games!!!
I imagined Bel playfully pushing him away. The ghost constantly advancing, the two dancing, pushing each other against the walls. Hot steam and moister covering the glass. The two lost in totally ecstasy. XD I have visions of Bels tail and bum sticking up in the air, while God knows what goes on below my line of vision between these two! XD

The inspiration for this image came not from the movie psycho, but a movie called THE DINNER PARTY. We just added a bit of ghostly flavor. I remember the scene in the movie where a hunky black guy couldn't get into the house of his lover. So he has to press himself and rub his dick all over the glass as she pretends to pleasure him. He cums all over the glass in the end. It was so freaking hot as they both tease each other in the hot summer air. AWE youth.. XD That movie was so awesome. Almost as awesome as this picture! ^O^


  1. Wow that looks absolutely hot!
    I'm loving the colors, the outlining, everything is great! I also like this version of Edward's hair, like real hair, it looks so sexy!

  2. Hey Tomas! I am glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the awesome comment. :D Yeah, we did the opposite of what was done in your picture for his hair do. ;P I love both concepts and since he is a ghost, he can change his body at will, I am sure! XD LOL.

  3. Great Work Urban :D you make so damn hot! :D - FallenAngel

  4. Awesome Work!! ♥




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