Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thank you for 1,000,000 Page Views!

Monday October 3rd was a big day around DPK. Just after 5 pm the site hit one million page views. That's more then enough reason to celebrate! Adonix was right on the scene with this gorgeous image of Lil' Deep. From the happy expression, I would I would say he's ready to pop more then that champagne bottle! :P Brilliant work Adonix, love the scaly skin and his heart melting Disney style smile! :P

Looks like Deep has some vintage DinosaurPrince wine, vintage April 2009.

As well FallenAnel has sliced off a giant piece of epicness, then popped it into my inbox. Here we have Marshall, Vann Illia and of course Dimata all standing proud as fireworks fill the sky! Sniff..someone get me a tissue, cause I just welled up with emotion. :D Truly an inspiration Fallen!

Thank you so much FallenAngel, Adonix and all the many talented and wonderful artists who draw for this site. It's your art and imaginations that keep this site strong. And of course thank you bloggers for coming around and checking us out every day. Your continued support keeps us going! Here's to the next Million! :D


  1. Congratulations :D *clap*clap*clap* - FallenAngel

  2. CONGRATS Matthew!!!! That's an amazing milestone, and one you should be very proud of fer sure! :D

    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXOX

  3. Thanks so much guys! :D I still can't believe it. XD
    Thanks Patrick! You did so much to promote this site and help it grow. We owe a lot to you!
    Fallen you should be taking a bow dude! XD

  4. to paraphrase Fallen's words:
    Cum-gratulations ;P *fap*fap*fap* - Ben



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