Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ghosts and Egyptians

Good evening! A special late night edition of DPK for you guys. Tonight the gay Halloween themed art comes from Master MiOworks and Master FallenAngel.
First up is MiOworks newest square commission for me. A square is a commission where you send him an idea and he just rolls with it. The squares are sold at a discount, in exchange for a little artist freedom. This can make for some fun times! Here we find our Ghost, Jasper Edward Walldenbury inspecting the cock of a slightly perturbed Belvadar!

I adore the chemistry between the two characters in this image so much. The ghost was swung in for a sneak attack. He doesn't care what Bels reaction is. He's purely focused on that cock and it's mysterious flap of foreskin. His childlike expression full of wonder might warm your heart, but that cold grasp has Belvadar needing to brace himself against the wall! XD Still, he looks like he may just be ready to cum if Jasp tugs on that thing one more time. ;P
MiOworks really went to town on the effects. I love the ghostly transparency and how you can see Belvadars arm, wing and peck beneath him. Too cool! Belvadar is right on model and the ghost is spirited delight. They are both just too much! ^O^ Amazing work MiOworks. (I also dig that killer wallpaper.)

Next we have something that really was touching. After working on the Marshall's Egyptian Halloween comic, FallenAngel did this splendid image of Anubis Priest as a bit of thanks for having so much fun on the project. The man is always so generous. Commissioning him is always so awesome, I couldn't ask for anything more. This is more then icing on the cake. It's like some of those expensive figures you can get at Baskin Robbins on the cake! LOL

Woof! Woof! Isn't that just too sexy? Dig those legs and abs. Yummy! What a total stud. FUCK! What a cock and face! He is gonna raise the dead. At least one part of their bodies anyway! XD The beautiful toning and wonderful colours makes me wish we had explored coloring the comic a bit more. There is always next time for that! This guys gotta come back for more after seeing this art. Thanks so much Fallen!!! Hugs!!!

I haven't done a spooky feature in my last couple posts. So tonight, I got something that's been long buried since the 1980s. Back when Hanna Barbara ran the Funtastic World on Sunday mornings, they used to have music videos that played between shows. They were really well done. Two in particular forever stuck in my mind. Bad Moon Rising and Lookin' Out My Back Door both used a lot of clips from creepy episodes of the Flintstones and other late 70s and early 80s cartoons. You just have to love the constant horror themes that came up during this time. The stories went so well with the dark animation the studio was churning out. Every day was Halloween in HB land. XD I haven't seen these since I was a kid. Watching them again was a great holiday treat.

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  1. Mio did a good sexy job on Belvadar and the ghost :D *drool*

    I'm glad you enjoy Anubis Priest :D




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