Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Joey and Harry In Love In The Locker Room ANIMATED COMIC!

La la la la la la la.. I got a huge treat today! ^O^  A first for this site!  It's an animated comic featuring Joey and Harry by the sensually talented Gene Lightfoot! (Aka Skyboy16.)   This project was one of the most amazing experiences I have had in the last 3 years.  I am so very proud to present this comic to you guys today.  This thing is boarder line actual gay porn! LOL! I hope you guys enjoy this, cause I am totally over the moon about it myself!  Gene was simply amazing to watch work.  It boggles my mind how quickly this came together and how much erotic splendor he poured into every frame!

Dinosaurprince's Kingdom Proudly Presents:
Joey and Harry In:
Love in the Locker Room
Art by Gene Lightfoot
Story by Dinosaurprince

The men look deep into each other eyes
"G'day! Names Joey, What's yours mate?"
The rabbit man swallows hard.  His throat suddenly very dry,
"Ha..Harry.." He manages to get passed his lisp.  
Joey gives him a warm tooth filled grin and moves closer.


  1. so sexy! Skyboy does amazing work!

  2. Gorgeous art ♥
    But the animated comic- -thing is a fµ(king great idea that I'd really want to see more 8°P~

    1. Thanks for the kind comment. Hopefully this is just the start. ^__^

  3. Awesome guys an yeah rabbit can hump all day XD

    1. They keep going and going and going..... <3

  4. Skyboy is getting better & better. Awesome and stimulating!

  5. super j'aime mater des BD gay tres bien fait



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