Saturday, April 6, 2013

Classic Tarzan, Conan and John Cater of Mars Puffy Stickers

Hey guys! Last Weekend Robert Fraser sent me this sticker set that he found online. It's from I believe the very early 80s. Imperial was making a lot of fun stickers and one of their box sets was a bunch of Tarzan themed sticker sheets.

I went online to try to find more and I did. Sadly, the picture quality of them was not very good. Only the one below was worth reposting:

All this lead me to find another very interesting set.  This one was called Dungeons and Daggers. It's obviously made up of rip off images from various comics, paintings and book covers.  You will see Conan, Red Sonya (I think) and even John Carter amongst the many characters.  I am REALLY tempted to buy this set, but it's $20.  Donations anyone?  Hee hee.

*Update, someone sent me a very nice donation, so I purchased the stickers.  Thank you very much to the contributor of the funds.  I am taking out the old images and replacing them with one from my camera.

 Wait a second...Now that I have these in  my hand and got a much better look at them, I noticed what appears to be a Hidden Penis! O__O  Take a look at the warrior with sword held high, the one above the horse on the first page.  Those are either the worst drawn abs in history, or that is one big, thick, uncut sausage of a dick sticking out of his loincloth.  Nobody could be that terrible of an artist could they? XD That's gotta be his barbarian dick!

 French on the back label?  These must be Canadian! :D Wait, why am I proud of that? XD

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