Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lil Deep Fever Comic

A couple weeks ago I got incredibly sick. So sick I lost about 7 pounds.  You ever get so sick and weak that even sex is out of the question?  And then once you start to feel a little stronger, how great it is? XD  I started to wonder about how something like that would be like for our guys; Lil Deep in particular.  And so that's how this gay erotic comic  by FallenAngel and I came to be.  Sometimes, something fun can come out of the worst of times.

Dinosaurprince's Kingdom Proudly Presents

Lil Deep and Dalach Dire Wolf 
staring in:
Lil' Deep Fever! 
Art By FallenAngel
Story By Dinosaurprince

You know, this started out as a simple one page idea, that (like Lil Deeps dick) just grew and grew out of control.  We had a lot of fun doing this.  Though, I was usually at work when Fallen was presenting me with pages and sketches and that can kinda suck!  LOL!  I wanted to share with you guys a little bit of the creative process that lead to this comic.  Fallens sketches are so wonderful, I really felt the need to present them.  So here is a rare sneak peek at some sketches and stuff!  

FallenAngel even did a few variations on Deeps foreskin in certain panels. As I said, we were really having too much fun with this!
Very early concept sketches from me, for Dalach and Deeps bed.

Completed rough for page one.  Lil Deep had trilobite covers at one point, until I got images of Sheldon Cooper and the green chair Penny picked up off the street.

I actually toyed a lot with the concept of Deep speaking with a heavy Caribbean accent.  You can see it a bit still on page 4.   In my mind the character still talks this way.  Maybe I will present the pages with slang at a later date.


  1. Sexy and adorable! Well done, guys! And I'm glad to hear you're feeling better, DP!

    1. DP can be really scary when sick this is one of them LOL* I never though Fever can make you reallly naughty one writing :D

    2. Thank you very much Lucky. I am glad you enjoyed it! Yeah that flu I had was horrible. :(

    3. Aww... Yeah, I understand. I came down with a nasty cold late last year and it made me feel anything but erotic for quite a while. And the flu is even worse than that! x_x

  2. I know a bit what you mean, though it's been a while since I've been that sick (thankfully).

    Glad to know you're feeling better, DP!

    1. Thanks man! Me too. Last time I was really sick was before Christmas in 2010.

  3. My boyfriend and I acted this out today. More Dalach and Deep please!

  4. Thanks a lot!
    This is my first time in your site.
    I really loved this and this couple, Dalach and Deep, right? they are so cute together, but I don't really like the Deep's penis... you know, it's very "disproportionate", but it is just a opinion. :)

  5. Fantastic! I like the Deep's penis :P



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