Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hydarias Hail To The Prince

Ignatius D'Marrow and Dinosaur Prince, meet for the first time thanks to the talented hands of Hydaria!

This epic was commissioned for my friend Lastmanouthere. He has been inspiring me with his new cast of characters. (They are coming trust me!) I felt it was pretty appropriate to pair his dinosaur master with mine. Dinosaur Prince has dominance over all dinosaurs, so perhaps they share a common source of power?
Iggy is genuflecting, waiting in eager anticipation of the Prince's seed. He doesn't have to wait long:


I think Hydarias work more then speaks for itself, but I will leave some nice praise for him here anyway! :P One thing I really liked was how he took the time to come up with a new design for Dinosaur Prince's chest 'feathers.' They look really fantastic. All the accessories have some nice features. While hard to see in this low res, the skull has some very fine cracks in it. The club was given some nice textures so that it looks even bigger and heavier then it did in the sketch phase. This Added weight exemplified D. Prince's great prehistoric strength. This kind of grand attention to detail is always very appreciated by myself.
Both men have very handsome faces. Hydaria went over them in the final process and really did his best to bring out their best. ;P Dinosaur Prince's expression is priceless. Iggy's hair looks nice and smooth against his head and Dinosaur Prince's hair gets a soft bushy look to it thanks to Hydaria. Love those epic Sideburns so much. ^_^
The penis he gave D. P. is one of my favorites of his to date. (That's saying a lot cause I love his foreskins so much. LOL) It's so big Iggy can't wrap his hand around it. It ends in one of the nicest, biggest pink heads ever! I want to cup those balls in my palms! Ha ha ha!
Both men have some many chests! I think this is the first time Hydaria drew legs that extend directly beneath the body and the look great.
Excellent, epic image Hydaria! Thank you very much man!


  1. WOW Matthew... I'm really REALLY loving all the latest Hydaria illustrations -- you two work BEAUTIFULLY together. He has a superb style and his mean are always so incredibly sexy and handsome. As I said... LOVE IT! The man has some major talent!!

    Congrats on all these recent posts and on all the amazing characters you've created and shared with us. You've come up with such an impressive stable of hunks and studs, and it's fantastic to see them drawn by so many talented artists as well.

    BIG BIG Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXOX

    PS -- LOOOVE the Twilight fan art! Way to go you and Hydaria once again! LOL! :D

  2. Iggy turned out to be a very interesting character to develop, and Hydaria here made an outstanding job depicting him here! I am very honored.


  3. Hey Gerry! I hope this will influence you to do many more images of him in the future. :D

    Wow Patrick! What a comment! LOL! Thank you very much man! You rock!
    I am guessing you liked that Twilight art? HA ha ha ha! Yeah, I agree it's all so cool. Maybe I can twist Hydarias arm to do more Jacob in the future!
    Thank you very much for the kind words on my boys! The artist certainly give it there all with my little ideas! :D
    What an awesome day for comments, I must say! ^_^

  4. Ohh great work here *drool* - FallenAngel

  5. This is fun. :3
    Of course Hydaria delivers all you want and plenty extra. That's why Hy is an excellent artist and a great friend. <3 Great colors too, I love how bright it is, and the background is simple but really gets the job done. Congrats on another good one!



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