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Giant Green Bugs From Space Have Landed! Locus #1 Review

What better time to release a Comic book based on Locus then in the month of green? Fans have been awaiting this title for some time. Locus is a beloved star by myself and many others. When I first heard about this book, I assumed it was going to be a prequel regarding Locus's adventures prior to meeting Cam. The book instead follows the events after the 2009 comic Felinoids 3. Locus is once again going it Hans Solo. He has departed from Cam and friends, having met with trouble soon after finally deciding to settle down with the man cat. As usual his happiness was very short lived! :( BUT Locus's temporary departure from his lover was a noble act, for Locus is on the run from the Sektan authorities that want him dead. Still somehow I picture a very sad Cam worrying away in a dark room somewhere....

Fan note, do I see Mako Finn in the background under Zahn?

We meet up with Locus trying to avoid notice, standing on a street corner flaunting his giant cock. (which seems much bigger then ever before!) He is trying to make a living hooking. Yeah, Locus would not exactly be regarded as the brightest bulb on the tree in the real world, but this is the planet Suktamimus smack dab in the most deprived corner of the Class Comics universe. Anywhere in this wonderful galaxy such a sight is fairly common place, but no more so here. Sounds like my kind of planet. :P Hee hee...

As you can imagine from the first panel displaying Locus's sexy, cocky new look, this is just not going to go well. I absolutely love how his dress reminds me of a NYC street thug, with that sexy leather jacket, dancers sweat band and big ass boots. This bad boy outfit really strikes a kick ass cord with me. Locus runs into three thugs from BoyToon Adventures. It's great to see these three in the classic Class Comics style. Zolab, who is now uncut, (with a to die for thick red foreskin), comes off as the hottest of the bunch. He looks the most human with a very sexy build. Still, none of them are likely to make the cover of GQ magazine! LOL! They are meant to be bigger, meaner and scarier then ever. Especially the terrifying Yolon, who's newly revealed inhuman penis is just as unwelcome by Locus as his tentacles and nerdy teeth adorning the end of his tube shaped mouth. He is a perfectly crafted sexual terror, made now even more realistic! XD

Locus #1 is very different beast then Feleniods 3 and Zahn 2. This comic features a lot of freaky alien sex! This is much in tone with some of the earlier Class Titles. Pairing him with these kinds of creatures just as he did with Cam in earlier titles gives Mr. Fillion an opportunity to let Locus flaunt like he has never before. And flaunt he does! The books set ups are absolutely perfect for the egotistical, slightly conceited character to shine. Locus looks sexier, hornier and more delightful then ever. The buggy Blanche Devereaux steals center stage in every panel he appears in and he knows it too!!!!
Fans will delight in just how much love and attention to detail has been taken in capturing each pose. For one things, you will marvel at how long and big Locus cock head is. It barely fits into the giant alien Gammus hands. His balls will be stretched, his cock bent and his foreskin placed in all manner of desirable posses. Every shot of locus DRIPS with grace and poise. This foursome scene is incredibly intense. If you were a fan of Cams encounter in Boytoon Adventures, you owe it to yourself to pick this up just for this part alone. There is an image of Locus laying powerless on the Floor. His cock is engrossed to the limit, pointing sky high, filled with pulsating lust and uncontrollably squirting his load. He can't control himself as he cums again and again, it's just too much!!! Another has his cock head so tightly entwined in tentacles it looks like it may burst. I found it funny that while the three Aliens gang bang him mercilessly, bending his cock this way and that, they worried about hurting him with a needle.... XD LOL! I guess this indeed shows that perhaps they are not really that bad. The lovable bad guys are quickly becoming the Beagle Boys of Class Comics.

Even in images were Locus in not engaged in sex, such as the pin up on page 11 where his cock hangs almost erect with juicy green foreskin lips almost dropping off the page, will have you reaching between your legs. Locus is gonna make sure you can't walk away from this book with out dousing a few tissues.

And all that occurs before Mr. Fillion reveals his true show stopper, Captain Beedal! He's the Captain of a Sektan military force tasked with capturing Locus. He's right up there with Strider and the Harpy Bros as one of my favorite new Class Comics men. He's got this look of a true military leader. He's older, more mature, better built and dons lighter skin then Locus. (I wonder if that is a sign of age?) In a simply genius design choice, he is dotted with spots that resemble that of an unshaven muscle daddy. Even his cock has a few stragglers. The effect helps make Beedal unbelievably desirable. He is even better HUNG then Locus and you just know his pants are going to come off sooner, or later. When they do, the resulting love scene is one of the most memorable in Classes long resume of impressive man sex. Once again Patrick Fillion adds empathy to his characters, showing us that even in the vastness of space, gay men are not necessarily free to live as they please.

Captain Beedal is the hottest new addition to Class Comics. Many of the characters boast a new style as evident with Disco and Jung here.

Here is an awesome blog exclusive peek at Captain Beedals cock!

As Beedal comes into the picture, we are given a better view into the society Locus was born into. Locus is not a conformist. A lot of gay men will sympathize with Locus's plight. Truth is, it probably wouldn't be so hard for him to follow in his societies ways. That can be said of all of us. We would all like to step up and raise our first in battle for our gay rights, but it takes a certain kind of hero to stand up against a whole world. We learn a bit about his past, like how he was once an interplanetary playboy, a drug addict and a jerk. That is, until one faithful day all that changed and the Locus we know and love was born. The book brings readers up to date with his recent adventures and puts everything in a nice chronological order for older fans as well. In the process we get another cameo from Boytoon Adventures, with a shot of Tarantulo. He's a character I certainly didn't mind seeing again. :) Most welcome of all is the return of Classic Camili-Cat. In a very heart warming segment, Cam once again dons his original hair style. It is something that made me realize just how long these successful characters have been around for.

A warning to the squimish, the punishment for betrayal gets a little Temple of Doomish. In fact I would rather face off against 100 giant centipedes and other insects from Earths Carboniferous period then just one of the nasty little bastards Locus encounters. The buggy bestiality that ensues gives a horrific incite into how barbaric Sektan laws are and knowing all this, how brave Locus was in trying to defy them.

Locus #1 does not leave you hanging for the next chapter. It's story is self contained, but it does start up something that can be explored deeper and deeper. I for one wouldn't mind a closer glimpse into the world of Sekta Prime. Even after answering so many questions about his species, from how Locus breaths, to what his cum tastes like, the book has left me with some intriguing questions as well. Questions like how many of his race really are gay? Is there are any Sektan females? And if we can see Captain Beedals troopers gang bang Locus?! LOL!

The art work makes the characters look sharper then ever. The coloring by Golden Key makes the men leap from the page! If you are a fan of Class Comics biggest dicked (bipedal) hero, you need to pick up this title! An excellent start to the years releases.

1680 X 1050

1280 X 1024

Check out this amazing Wallpaper. It's like a cover for Locus the video game. :D Beautiful stuff!


  1. Haha I already told Patrick how Captain Beedal makes me feel and it was not very... correct ! XD Nice for him but definitely nasty ! I think it's the spotted goatee and hairs. This is so not going to cure my exobiophilia !

  2. Nice new addition to Locus' cast :) look at those hung guards :D



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