Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another Peek into the world of Vann! Meet Peng by Lastmanouthere

Peng like Vann is not a conventional barbarian. He's a man sized fairy who wants to be taken seriously for his strength and muscles. This Asian body builder takes great pride in his looks. Especially how he fits perfectly into a speedo. Whatever you do, don't call him a butterfly boy. People consider him a bit on the femme side due to his vanity. Peng grew up with Vann and the two are practically brothers. His axe doubles as a wand.

He's the product of me spending one morning getting too much of a beefcake overdose. :P The first time I drew him I just traced fairy features on a muscle man! LOL! The ever awesome Lastmanouthere sketch him the second I showed him this much to my surprised delight. Then he went back and drew him again, being not completely content with his first sexy sketch. He then proceeded to colored him like a gorgeous stain class window. Giving me something indeed worthy of worship! HA! Ha! Ha! Those legs alone make me scream out "Hallelujah!"
Mmmmmmmmm.....It's so sexy how they just pour out of the background like that, the knees engulfed in darkness. The lime green speedo looks delectable against that perfectly tanned skin. I am really proud to be showing him off to you bloggers today. If it wasn't for this bum eye, I would have had this up last night.
Thank you very much Lastmanouthere, you sir are a patrons saint of hotly drawn guys! ^_^


  1. LAstmanouthere is the-MAN! - FallenAngel

  2. Thanks Fallen XD




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