Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A little Lower And He Would Be A She-Rex

Don't you just love old dinosaur art that is brutally violent? I know I do! This depiction of near dino castration comes from a pinball game by Bally called Four Million B. C. It was one of the first games to have multiball. With it's great design it would have lured me right in, had I been alive at the time of it's release. I didn't see a dinosaur related pinball machine until the amazing Jurassic Park by Data East years later. :D Man, that game kicked all kinds of ass. I love Pinball, so I just had to post this find. XD
The art was done by Dick White. I wonder if he did any coloring book art, cause his style looks very familiar to me.

You can see more images here:

Internet Pinball database Four Million B. C.

All lit up with the gore nicely highlighted. :D


  1. I remember seeing a dinosaur stop-motion animation at a natural history museum, and to watch the T_rex bite off another's tail, that was violent - for a 7 year old at least ^_^

  2. You know Kenso, I could do a whole feature on violent Dinosaur images I saw as a kid. I think one day I will, or just do them as I remember them. My local Museum would be one of the first things I would talk about as well. I wish I knew the name of the movie you were talking about. :)

  3. lol, i couldn't remember it, that happened a long time agon now (well, not billions of years ago though XD) but yeah dinasours were a bit of an obsession, especially the flying ones - Jurassic park revided that nostalgia momentarily :)

  4. Damn, that IS brutal! If you squint at the image it looks like the T-Rex might have two white cocks poking the T-tops in the head... ;)



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