Monday, March 21, 2011

The Awe Inspiring Gay Centaurs Forest By Hydaria!

Hello everyone! I haven't been blogging much these days. You can blame my new found addiction to Resident Evil 5 for that. ;P I haven never enjoyed a Resident Evil game so much as with this one. I got a little dizzy from it yesterday, so I decided to slow down a bit and work on some blogs. Ha ha ha! Anyone that wants to add me on PS3 can do so!

Come with me now to the Centaurs Forest of Equinnus a place located in the brilliant mind of Hydaria...

This brilliant image was a labor of love for Hydaria, who wanted to try out new effects. I did my very best of coming up with something very exciting for the pose. One is instantly transported deep into magical land, where far away from prying eyes, men can fully enjoy the pleasures of the flesh! Even though Zahn is at sword point, you know he is loving every second of this! Hydaria and I decided to pursue a centaur with a double dick for twice the fun. Kayxon, one of my favorite minor character from Felinoids was added to handle the big meat. :P Hydraia really wanted to give Equinnus a hard on inducing giant cock, so he made it big enough to come just past the front legs! Talk about extreme awesomeness! :D That man always leaves me in a spell, with my lips trying to mouth those perfect cock heads of his! The one Kayxon is grabbing tightly with both hands is no exception!

For his first centaur ever, Hydarias Equinnus turned out to be an extraordinarily sexy man beast! I like how big, strong and sturdy his ball sacks both are! Zahn was such a sexy stud when drawn by Hydaria I had to ask for an encore appearance! And what a show stopper he is! :P Ho, ho, check out the tight leathery foreskin and the bulging abs! YUM YUM! There is a lot of realism that puts you into the image here thanks to the illumination effects on the characters. You can almost reach out and touch the fuzz on Zahn boot, feel the silkiness of Equinnus's hair and feel the heat of the early morning sun on the mens shoulders.

All the men start cumming at once. Kayxon cum pours from the tip of his foreskin filling his skin sack. Zahn shoots high into the tree tops with out even the slightest touch to his cock. Equinnus experiences a double cum shot, filling Zahns hole and Kayxons hungry mouth! A total masterpiece Hydaria, one of your most stunning pieces ever! Thank you so much. :D

Meanwhile in the forests of Hyrule...
One more image of that Link from the Zelda project for you guys! I am currently replaying Twilight Princess, which is such an great game.

Speaking of Class Comics stuff, Patrick Fillions book IlLUSTrations Featuring Cam, Spot and the gang is up for a Gabybie award! The art book should come with a box of tissues! I am a little bummed that the triumphant Zahn 2 and Spell binding Space Cadet didn't also get a nomination, but I guess they only pick one book per author.
You can Vote for IlLUSTtrations: The art of Patrick Fillion at the TLAvideo Gaybies here:

Spot and Cam getting it on is reason enough to check this title out!

In honor of the event, the boys at Class are offering a 20% discount on everything on site with the code VOTE for a limited time! Now is your chance to pick up some great comics at a real bargain! Visit today!

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  1. Great work Hydria! Nice to see the uncensored pics here. :) Also, DP, thanks for the link to the Gaybies (I voted for "Stripped Uncensored" as best illustrations book, although would've loved for Jacob Mott's "Watch Us!" to have been nominated) and the intel on the 20% off Class Comics. Maybe this is finally my time to d/l some of their digital comics?

    PS - good luck with keeping your shit together with the latest RE. ;) I presume Chris is in it? :D



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