Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yikes! Bel Ami Meets Kristen Bjorn

In 2010 two of the best names in gay porn; Kristen Bjorn and Bel Ami came together to produce a series called Sexy City. Last night I decided to check out Part 1 featuring Sascha Chaykin, Manuel Rios, Bruno Jones. None of these models are really stand out. They are certainly not legends, but they are not ugly either. Anyway, I found myself kinda getting into the scene when this little bit of ghastliness appeared:

Oh dear God!!!! Get this poor guy to a hospital. Instant erection loss right there! Instead of being interested in the action, I wanted to know what exactly that was growing on his knuckles. Now I am not that superficial a person in real life, but this is supposed to be a showcase for the best of the best of the worlds most renowned studios. NOTHING says a studio is past it's prime then when they allow an actor with growths all over his hands to star in an important video. ICK!!!! LOL!
I guess it's not too surprising since I feel both Kristen Bjorn and Bel Ami are both a little past their prime. Studio produced porn productions are falling on hard times and this isn't gonna help it. XD

Here is something a little more pleasant to end on:


  1. Love the guy in speedoes :D nyarrrrrr and hot beffy rip pants biker :D - FallenAngel

  2. OH DEAR GOD!!! I thought maybe that pic was featuring a WART or something benign but SERIOUSLY?! That dude looks like he's a plague carrier!

    I think studio porn is only working under certain situations, but there's no doubt that its not as profitable as it once was (or rather not in the FORM that its taken for a long time)

    But ugh...oh *fans self* just thinking about those growths makes me wanna gag and its something I would NEVER expect of Kristen Bjorn OR Bel Ami (Is the "Sexy City" actually taking place in a Raccoon City barrio? UGH!)

  3. LOL Raccoon City porn star! :P I know right?! When you think of the plethora of hot guys that have streamed out of these studios in the last 20 + years it's really sad to see something like this. That's not to say I haven't seen some oddness in the past. I remember more then one guy with some interesting features, like a really 'bad' foreskin in a later Bjorn film. These oddities would usually be limited to being a bit player in an orgy, or something.



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