Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Barbarians in the Mist by Maduinshorn! :D

Hey guys! It's time for the triumphant return of Maduinshorn! When I commissioned this I was very eager to see him once again draw Zahn. His image of Zahn and the harpy man was the first enchanting image I ever saw him do. So I thought what better way to star up 2011, eh? Over the past year Mario has continued to push his skills further and further with each new piece, so it was exciting to see how Zahn would turn out this time. Needless to say I was extremely happy with the results! To make it even more special, I decided to ask him to go all out and include some all time favorites, Ice He-Man and the long forgotten character John Blackstar.
So much beefiness must be illegal! XD

These men have taken an icy cold pool and turned it into a hot spring!!!! The barbarians are enjoying the end of the winter. Spring is here and that means it's time to get wet and party! :D

It's a life long dream to see Blackstar getting naked. I wonder if he had a long lasting effect on my fondness for olive skinned hunks? I had the toy with the dragon as a kid, but it's Maduinshorns version I want to get my hands on! I am very jealous of He-Man right now! He can barely get his hand around that giant circumcised dick! He-man is just amazing. His armor looks so sturdy and strong, it's brilliant. Mario was so creative putting in some hot nipple pinching action. Zhan can't keep either hand off of him. He-Man knows he is all that too! The men all look so fucking amazing with their wet hair and big muscular bodies dripping with water. The cocks are out of this world huge! They are like sensual sea serpents rising from the waves.!!! Zahn has more foreskin then ever just piled below his head and you know he will love using it to dock with He-man and Blackstars cut dicks... Someone get me a tissue.... XD
The image is a an absolute wonder and I am very delighted to have presented Madiunshorns three brothers in arms, enjoying every inch of each other today. There is a feeling of closeness and sensuality here that is not easy to create. He-Man and Blackstar were made for each other and you know Zahn would be just the one to instigate this! Ha ha ha!

For a look at Maduinshorns first Zahn image click here:


  1. Yummy, Oh yeah John Blackstar and Clone :D. Remember he is almost like a male ver of Snow White with those dwarf friends he have. one of the early hunks like the classic cartoon Tarzan as well :) - FallenAngel

  2. Yeah Clone was hot! Might have to explore him. His voice was odd though! :P Man we grew up with a very gay version of Snow White eh? XD



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