Friday, March 18, 2011

That Is One Heck of a Gay Video Game Cover...

A few years ago when I was adding to my Super Famicom collection I noticed this little title called Heracles no Eikou III: Kamigami no Chinmoku for sale for like $4. It was listed by a seller I was already buying other titles from.I think I was buying the Japanese Version of Crono Trigger for a friend at the time, which comes a heck of a lot cheaper then the US version. I was totally spellbound by how gay the cover art on this game was. I wanted it the second I saw it. The low price sealed the deal. To this day I haven't played it, as it is not English friendly at all. There is patch online I think to play the ROM in English. Even as unplayable as it is, it makes a great conversation piece. I have never heard any where that there is any actual gay content in the game. I highly doubt there would be in a Data East game. I wonder if any gay guys in Japan picked this up, wondering if there would be? XD

I dug the game up this morning and leafed through the instruction booklet, hoping to have a few more images to share. Sadly the booklet is full of colored sketches where the characters lack a lot of detail. They don't even have their mouths drawn on. You might wonder if I ever considered presenting an erotic piece of the main characters. I can't say it hasn't crossed my mind, but Heracles hasn't really moved me much as I have never gotten into the series. I hardly even touched the patched NES version you can find online. The series did come here in the form of a DS game, but the character on the cover looks like a frail teenage boy. That's not the kind of thing that draws me in if the game is entitled Hercules. ;P Had they stayed with hunky warriors this post might have been very different....

And speaking of gay games on the Famicom:

Dear Boys playing Basketball? Hmmm These guys would get their asses handed to them acting like that in the hood! Only in Japan! XD

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  1. Hard to play a game in japanese ^^; but nice art :) Didnt know Dear Boys was in the 90s - FallenAngel



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