Saturday, March 5, 2011

Faith and Begorrah St. Pattys Day Cums A Little Early!

I was fiddling around with ideas for Vanns Barbarian trope the other day. In the spirit of the season I did up a leprechaun. Two days ago I got a double Irish treat. A family member brought me a delicious Shamrock Shake, a pure rarity in Canada let me tell you. After ranting and raving about how delighted I was to once again taste my favorite McDonald's treat, Lastmanouthere supplied me with some Irish cream of his own in the form of this adorable rendering of my character Bonz. :D
He comes in two flavors, extra dark clover and smooth lime. :P

Lastman is very naughty, allowing us a little peek of something under his loincloth. :P

Notice the little puff of smoke in the shape of a heart! AWE!

LOL my Whacky little doodle. :^P

I know Leprechauns being made into beefy guys isn't exactly the newest concept out there, but what the heck. I think he is just the character from myth and fairy tale that would feel right in Vanns group. He will be the smart ass and trickster of the gang, vying constantly with Kraw Lash over the spoils of the day. As a Leprechaun, the more gold he has, the more powerful he can become.

Lastmans rendering is way sexier then my doodle. :P I swear that mans legs get me more 'excited' with each new piece. His cheeks are almost as pinchable as those on the artists himself. Those eyes are two of his most darling. The gloves fit him wonderfully. I have a hard time choosing the color I prefer most. Both are very alluring.
Thank you very much for this hot piece of art Lastmanouthere. You started my weekend with an unforgettable Shamrock shake up! :P

I just have to share the sketch he did as well.
It's sooooooo cute!

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  1. Aye! now ders a pot of gold worth having, lads! - FallenAngel



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