Sunday, June 29, 2014

Do You Want To Smurf Around?

Once again I am fighting sickness to bring you guys some hot sexy art!!! Preparing all this stuff to post has got my fever rising way too much! :P  Todays picture came to be because of something I owned when I was younger.  Smurfs are generally viewed as squeaky clean, always kind, etc by the general public. Fans of the show and comics know that is not always the case. They fight, bicker and act like well...regular people most of the time!  That being said, I was still shocked when I got a sticker that had a Smurf covered in kisses, saying "Do you want to Smurf Around?"  Even my young mind knew enough to know this was pretty risque.  Surprisingly it's an official thing, that was placed on stickers, buttons, key chains and God knows what else in the 80s.  When I commissioned Lay last month, I knew exactly what I wanted him to do!  ;D I decided we should take it a few steps further.  Really get sexy with the concept.  Hey, might as well show what really happens when you Smurf around right? It's always so much fun to watch someone do a sexy Smurf and Lay does one heck of a muscle laden little man!   Really love the gentle eyes he gave the character.  They really fit well.  Almost elfish.. We left the kisses off.  After all, in a village of  97% men, you know who he is really after... Vanity doesn't wear lip stick!  ;D

Check out the girth on that Smurf!!! That cock is scrum-diddly -umptious!

It was beyond awesome of Lay to offer to do a version with the characters pants off as well.  Now we can all enjoy those beautiful blue legs and feet!!!  Actually lay was very generous. This turned out not to be a commission at all, but a birthday gift! He's such a sweet guy!!!

 Here is the an image I got from the net and the one we used as a bases for the picture. My sticker had a white background and if I remember correctly had a pink outline around the character.  I still have the sticker, but I have no idea where it is at the moment. It was from one those sticker rolls, where you tear off the amount you want.  I never stuck it to anything.  It just stayed in, or on my desk for years.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cute KO With Joey By Gene Lightfoot

Hello everyone!  I've been KO'D by some hot art featuring Joey from Genelightfoot in the past, but this one came right out of nowhere and got me right in the groin. (In the best possible way.)  Man, this is such a lovingly detailed birthday gift from Gene.  He's too cool!  Joey freaking sparkles on the page, as each muscle so well highlighted.

Joey ends an especially hard workout with a slam that sends the punching bag flying!  Seeing his downed 'sparing partner'  Joey decides to take out the ever mounting frustrations in his gym shorts on the bag!  You can just hear the punching bag squeak and groan as Joey humps it with his big uncut dick and slides his perfect ass all over it.  Gotta love how Joeys cock head is poking out of the foreskin, like a flower ready to bloom! ^O^  Poetic, no? Thanks again Gene! You rock!

This picture makes me want to hum the Punch Out theme!  Too bad I can't do it half as well as this guy does!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Our King Cold Returns! Tensontlisetl By Lastmanouthere

Hey guys. Sorry I haven't populated the kingdom with new images for almost a week now. I had a busy weekend and fell ill over the last couple of days. Ugh..still not over it. I was weak earlier, but looking at Lastmans lasted creation helped me gathered enough strength to get off my duff and it share with you guys! :D  Unlike my meds, his second rendition of Tensontlisetl goes down smooth. ;D  It's our second sexy daddy image of June! Hee hee!

The Mayan forest freezer returns, descending down some steps.  You've wandered right into his territory and he is not happy!  He's resting on a huge ice pillar, but it's really the solid pillar between that is most impressive is size and strength.  His cock is longer then his off! XD  Even flaccid it looks like it could be used as a blunt weapon.  And in fact it is!  Don't let that cock hypnotize you as it swings side to side.  His slow decent down the stairs is meant to provide the right motion, in order to do so.  Look away, or you may find yourself a sacrifice on his alter of eternity.  Only Nehme is brave enough to save you from the fate that awaits you there.  If you do need his help, you better hope you have some gold for Nehme, as he's not exactly know for being a good Samaritan...

You can imagine my surprise that Lastmanouthere chose to pick a character we have not touched since 2010. You can also imagine my remorse, seeing a character with so much potential on display in this image, that we just left to the side for far too long.  I had a moment of realizing I need to get my ass in gear on more comics.  Thank you once again for another inspiration image Lastman.  I so look forward to what you have up your sleeves for us next!

 Totally off topic, but I just started to play Shovel Knight a few hours ago. I have been eagerly awaiting this game for months now.  It's basically made like an 8 Bit Nintendo game.  It's sort of like a cross between Link's Adventure and Ducktales, with music that sounds a bit like something from Mega Man.  I have only beaten a couple stages so far.  I really like what I have played though. I'm enjoying what feels like a game that is trying to be fun, instead of trying to be the hardest thing ever.  It's refreshing actually, as I find far too many of these indie games made in the old school style are trying to one up each other in the difficulty department.  That's great for some of us, but makes for a lot of games I can't recommend to friends, or family.  Recently I gave up on the 1001 Spikes, not because it was hard, but because that was all it was; HARD.   It was another game I had been looking forward to, for years actually.  I got a blast out of it for the first 4 worlds, or so, but I discovered the experience started to become more and more empty.  The joy I felt in beating the stages started to fade away.  There just wasn't anything else to it, but it's difficulty.  That's all well and good if you are into a giant dick measuring contest, but I want a little more from my adventure games.  You just strapped yourself in to die dozens of times till you learned the pattern of the level.  Most of which you had to learn by dying, due to invisible traps. UGH. Sorry that is just not good game design.  It was just constantly testing me and I found myself turning to Mario Kart 8 more and more.  Why?  Cause I would rather waste my time having fun.  Even Spelunky knew how to let you have fun, with power ups and stuff. Maybe I just was playing it wrong, or something.  I got my thrill from it, then never returned.  Maybe I will one day.  But Shovel Knight, oh boy!  It makes you feel like you are playing some long lost Capcom classic from the late 80s, or early 90s. I have not gotten far, as I said, but dang, it's a fun ride so far!!  Check out the cute art!


 Love the digital manual that looks like an NES one.  MORE GAMES TODAY NEED THIS!!!! Sadly the WiiU version doesn't come with this. At least, not that I could see. SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH...I am not paying for the game again on Steam.  I think it's total bullshit that Nintendo players get ripped off this way.  (Especially considering it's Nintendo they are paying homage to...oy.) 

Is that Horse Head from Zelda????
 La la la, looking for treasure....

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Stroking And Pissing Dimata and Smilo

Hey there Piss lovers! I got something today that is sure to start your summer off with a splash.  (Yeah I can't believe I wrote the either.)  Genelight foot has another astounding animation for us to enjoy! 

Dimata and Smilo had fun in the sun all day.  They swam, they climbed trees and they ran naked through fields of long cool grass.  Smilo wound up getting a major tan.  Now the sun has set and the dark night of prehistoric paradise is upon them.  Before heading to bed, Dimata sneaks off to take a pee.  Smilo, laying on his stomach looks up at the love of his life strolling off.  He knows where he is heading and in bold move decides to join him.  Dimata stands with his hips thrust slightly forward.  He scratches his bum a bit  and yawns as his bladder gets ready to start it's release.  Just as he is about to grab his huge trunk of a cock, he feels a familiar hand firmly grab below his head.  Smilo caresses Dimatas neck from behind and presses his body close.  His warm breath and soft touch totally relaxes Dimata.  Smilo feel the warm torrent of piss suddenly rushing down Dimatas shaft.  He holds the foreskin firmly in place, stroking gently as he watches the piss shoot out of foreskin hole.   It's fascinating to the circumcised saber tooth. 
"You gotta pee too?"  Dimata ask shyly as the tips of his fingers tap on Smilos half hard cock.  Smilo nods and Dimata begs him to join him.  Dimata grabs firmly on the base of Smilos cock and aims his dick so that both their piss streams will cross each other.  Smilo readjusts his grip so that he his stroking Dimata closer to the base of his shaft.  The world around them seems to melt away as they gaze upon each others beauty.  They play with each others cocks as they piss.  Guiding the piss of another man, watching it dance and spray brings them a found level of ecstasy and enchantment.  Both can barely control their excitement.  Soon they will spraying a liquid of a different colour.....

Once again I have to award Gene Lightfoot a huge thank you for his wonderful work.  I was very pleased with the way he handled this project.  He actually used a pee simulator in the creation of this project.  I had no idea one existed! :P  Live and learn.  As always he did a marvelous job with the men.   Always love how he captures my main boys. He added in some nice features like a circumcision scar on Smilo and some great detailing on Dimatas foreskin opening. Pee images are rare around here, what do you guys think of them? I personally would love to do a lot more.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Joey and Spot Baralust Rematch!

You guys may just remember an image Baralust did, where we teamed up Joey and Spot from Class Comics many, many moons ago.  I always wanted to see the bara master pair these two again, so I took the opportunity to do so not long ago.  Tonight I have the very sexy results to share!

Baralust has really stepped up the size of the animales huge cocks here.  Joeys cock head is almost as big as Spots pectoral.  It must feel so manly to have that hot kangaroo man jizz squirting between his tits, cause Spot can't hold in his own cum anymore. He's rubbing it out from the bottom of his shaft. Hot... Cocks are not the only thing that has grown since that day I posted his picture 4 years ago.  Really, he has super sized so many parts of the men so beautifully.  Spot and Joey have been given some super huge muscles and some massively perky nips!!! He has a way of making you want to playfully pluck the nipples he draws these days! :P  Love how Baralust made Joeys chest and arms so big and full and placed them on that perfect torso.  Adding some extra life to the image is Caravaggia who not only coloured our boys in, she also added in an Australian background, to give the piece a sweet outback setting!  So awesome. I wonder if it was hard to colour around all the hairs on Spots super hair balls? XD
I hope you guys enjoy this image.  Hopefully it won't be another 4 years before I get Baralust to pair these two again, eh? XD
If you want to see the original, you can find it here: 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Prehistoric Berserker Shawman Of Lastmanouthere!

I told you guys Lastmanouthere is BACK! This is his 4th completed work using his new stylus. As explained in the title, this elegant man holds more then one title.  This hottie gets all the girls and gay boys of his tribe swooning, just by smiling confidently and flicking his head, to adjust his perfectly parted golden locks.  He's very debonaire for a prehistoric warrior!  But the respected Shawman has a wild (possibly dark) side as a berserker warrior.  His given name is Merion and he truly doesn't like it.  Calling him by his name only fuels his fire.  He's not villainous per se, but he is a rival to Iggy and his tribe. Maybe he just has a crush on Iggy and wants to show off to him, to win his affection? Maybe Merion is oblivious to his own feelings?  Only Lastmanouthere knows for sure right now. 

I'm very happy to have the honor of presenting him to you guys tonight.  Lastmans pictures become increasingly impressive with each new piece he finishes with his new stylus. Loving the smooth lines and colors on display.   I think he really hit something with the classic design in his costume and hairstyle.   Merion is proof that the spirit of those great fantasy heroes of last century live on in Lastmanouthere's wonderful imagination.    

Monday, June 16, 2014

Butch McLogic Centaur

There sure is a lot of hot centaurs coming out of the artists of Class Comics these days.  I found fellow Canadian Butch McLogic posting this on his Facebook page and blog the other week and just had to post it here!  He's created two very cool (and heavily bearded) mythological men to the world to ogle. That satyr looks like he's ready to have sex 10 seconds ago!  In a barnyard switch, the centaur is keeping the calm here. (Usually it's the goats job to keep the horse calm.  Look it up, if you don't believe me.)  I would really love to see the hard on that Centaur could sprout!  Hopefully Butch will do more characters like these in the future.  You can check out his blog here:

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ready For A Sexy New Daddy?

Happy Fathers Day 2014 guys.  Time for a little project reveal! FallenAngel and I have a whole new comic in the works featuring this sexy Daddy.  What better day to do a reveal then today?  (It was hard to hold back his awesomeness for the two days he was ready prior to today!)  I couldn't be happier with the results of Fallens work on him. Who is he? You will soon find out.  I have just finished the storyboard for the comic, so it should be ready to post in about a week, or two.  (Fallen is super fast!)  I hope you guys enjoy our muscle papa!  Have a wonderful day guys.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Animated Jerk Off By Sirio!

Nope this is not a double post.  This is something very special.  I am very excited to share with you guys, the very first ANIMATION by our lovely Sirio!  This was a wonderful gift from my friend, that I got the same time as her image of Romer that I shared already.  This one, I squirreled away to enjoy privately, until today that is. I love all the detail she put into the animation.  Seeing the expression on his face change as he cums is so great!  This certainly beats all the musical cards at Hallmark! :P 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Minotaur and Horse Headed Hunk Statues!

Patrick Fillion recently sent me these pictures of magnificent Minotaur statures.  We both have no idea who created them, but we sure would love to find out!  They would add some special to anybodies home made  labyrinth! Years ago I found images of a statue of a horse headed hunk.  It was for sale around the turn of the century.  I wonder if the two are related in some way?  Probably not, but it would be nice to think that the person had luck with the horse and went on to do these ones. :) 
Update:  Thanks to Aaron, we found the artist that created the minotaur.  His name is Jeff Cullen. You can find the Minotaur and a lot more here:

Wipe Me Down Captain

I had to pick up this Captain America Towel last weekend....... XD And I thought I could only have fun 'in' the tub! You can find this at Canadia Wal-Marts.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Zahn, Cauldron and Vann Illia Circle Jerk

Hey guys! I have the second threesome image that Guanino did for you all to enjoy.   It's really something else.  As you can see the men are beautifully laid out.  With the missing background and bed for them to be on, it looks like a lost piece of animation!  A Class Comics animation cell? That could be a rumor I could have started with this!  Actually, the fact is, that is what it was pretty much going to be. A piece of animation! This three way circle jerk between barbarians was set to be the starting point for our first ever game. Sadly it was not to be. Months after I was shown this, I was made aware that unfortunately the file had been corrupted.  The toll of the animation was too great on Guaninos computer and what had been started, had been lost.  I tragic loss.  I would have loved to have salvaged this. Perhaps in a future project this may happen, but for now Guanino suggested doing something else.  So he and I are moving forward with a new idea for a nice animation.   He spoke wanting to do future animations and the like together and I was very happy to agree to that! ;D 
So let these last two images stand as a base for the possibilities of the future!  For now I am very happy to be able to share this wonderful image with you guys!  Thankfully these were not lost. I even included the lines below as they are equally stunning with out their coloring. Looks like a lost page of the Conan graphic novel we all would have longed to see in the 90s! XD hee hee.  

Monday, June 9, 2014

Guanino's Buff Barbarain Jerk Off Featuring Zahn, Cauldron and Vann Illia!

Hey guys! This actually part one of a two part posting featuring the massively sexy art of Guanino!  We started on some projects last year (including a possible game), but trouble hit and the projects were set back.  2013, what can I tell you?  It was not a good year for a lot of people.  Anyway, times moves on and things are getting back to normal for us both.  So out of the ashes of 2013, comes 3 new exciting images I have to share with you guys from his skilled pen!  The first two are ready.  The third is still in the begging stages.  I wanted to share this with you all first.  I'm fighting a headache here, bloodshot eyes and extreme fatigue, but posting this is making me feel awesome!  All three barbarians are looking extra muscular and TIGHT.  You might just want to reach out and try to grab the nipples on each one!!! Guanino certainly has a way of drawing some jaw dropping chests and torso worthy of a Grecian statue!  All three are really great. If I had to pick a favorite here, it might just be Cauldron.  He did a top notch job at capturing this character, coupled with the attention to detail on his armor that is second to none, push him into first.  It's a close call though, as I think he did great work on all three men.

Can Zahn manage the ultra thick cocks of Vann Illia and Cauldron? His hands seem to just bit around their warm hard dicks.  Zahns is in for a vanilla and chocolate protein shake if he keeps his tight hold on these man muscles! 

You can check out the gallery of Guanino through the link below: 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

New Fearsome Prehistoric Barbarian By Lastmanouthere

From the world of Prehistoric Paradise comes a new character in the Ignatius D'Marrow storyline.  Lastmanouthere's Paleontologist turned warrior, has a new buff barbarian to deal with!  This yet unnamed muscle studs allegiance has yet to be set.  Will he use his thick ten inch cut cock to pound Iggys ass, or will he become a bara bottom?  All I know for sure is, he has one hell of costume.  Lastman outfitted him with the sharpest dinosaur talons and thickest horns of the some pleistocene beast!  His metal blades look like wings, but is he an angel, or a devil?  Well, he certainly has a heavenly body!  Only time will tell.  For now I am very proud to present him to you.  I was shown the sketch of him long ago and have been anxiously waiting for the time when I could share this delight with the world.  
If you guys have any suggestions on his name, please feel free to leave a comment!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Embracing Egyptology

Tonight I proudly present the newest piece by my friend Leon De Leon, artist for Class Comics and DNA magazine. With the warm summer weather finally beating back the cold winter winds, my mind started to long for exotic locations.  What is more hot and exotic then ancient Egypt?  A picture of one of it's greatest Gods by Leon, that's what! I decided to pair Marshall with Anubis again, since the two had not been together since the comic that FallenAngel and I did a couple years ago and Leon had never drawn them before.  First are always exciting and this picture proved that ten fold. 

Leon chose the perfect skin tones, mixing in pure ebony and ivory, for an image that illustrates racial harmony in the most passionate of ways.  The Marshall may hail from about 90 years ago, but he is not someone who gives much thought to what race someone is.  The same applies to Anubis, who you may think would favor his own race, but in truth is only capable of judging someone by their heart alone!   Marshall Copeland our explorer of worlds past, with his sweet milky white skin, contrasts perfectly with the charcoal skin of Anubis.  The two men, one a God and a mortal are equally match in body, beauty and cock size.  They frot and kiss, pulling each other closer and trusting constantly, till they simultaneous cum!  

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Walking Dead Daryl Dixon and Rick Kimono Jerk Off

About 2 weeks ago, FallenAngel excitedly told me about the Japanese promos for the Walking Dead he had found.  They was pretty silly and a little hard to watch. It felt like the first one was done in one take. Either that, or these two couldn't stop fooling around and after 27 takes, this was the best one. ;P

The second one shows how playful the actors are with one another.  That thought, coupled with them having to sit around all day in nothing but kimonos while they did a few of these got me thinking.  Thinking of very wrong things, that felt so right! XD  So of course, since FallenAngel planted the seeds of my naughty thought, I tasked him with the job of bringing them to life.  So here I proudly present our little Rick and Daryl Japanese Jerk Off! XD  We hope you guys like it!

Just having Daryl's warn load hit the side of Ricks uncut dick, is enough to send him shooting!

Daryl Dixon Hello Kitty style. While I don't think I would want to see that, a Walking Dead anime might be a great idea.


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