Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Prehistoric Berserker Shawman Of Lastmanouthere!

I told you guys Lastmanouthere is BACK! This is his 4th completed work using his new stylus. As explained in the title, this elegant man holds more then one title.  This hottie gets all the girls and gay boys of his tribe swooning, just by smiling confidently and flicking his head, to adjust his perfectly parted golden locks.  He's very debonaire for a prehistoric warrior!  But the respected Shawman has a wild (possibly dark) side as a berserker warrior.  His given name is Merion and he truly doesn't like it.  Calling him by his name only fuels his fire.  He's not villainous per se, but he is a rival to Iggy and his tribe. Maybe he just has a crush on Iggy and wants to show off to him, to win his affection? Maybe Merion is oblivious to his own feelings?  Only Lastmanouthere knows for sure right now. 

I'm very happy to have the honor of presenting him to you guys tonight.  Lastmans pictures become increasingly impressive with each new piece he finishes with his new stylus. Loving the smooth lines and colors on display.   I think he really hit something with the classic design in his costume and hairstyle.   Merion is proof that the spirit of those great fantasy heroes of last century live on in Lastmanouthere's wonderful imagination.    

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