Saturday, March 27, 2010

Midnight Bliss Mayhem of March! Urbanmusiq, Jacy-J, Connie Chiwa, Dongsaeng and more!!!

March is going leave like a LION! A lion named Leon! HA! I got some freaking sweet art to share today. The artists have been pushing themselves to create the very best and I am gonna do my best to praise 'em!
So let's start with one of the craziest hottest and wildest images I have EVER commissioned. You know what makes this so great? The artist who drew it Urbanmusiq is a huge fan of Demitri from Darkstalkers and he put every bit of passion he has into this image. I had this idea of pairing him with the new Bionic Commando. He has just leaned a new trick from Mega Man...can you guess what that is? XD

COME ON BABY! How do you like that Demitri? HA!

A slightly bigger version sans the background..I spoil you bloggers...

Mega Man has taught Nathan how to steal powers from his enemies. Nathan decides to use this to put Demitri in his place. He is unaware of that the effects will not be quite the same if a non-vampire attempts Midnight Bliss!
Demitris clothes cling too tightly to his perfect form as the PURE Midnight Bliss reversal goes into full effect. His cocks foreskin is ripped backwards stretched back to the very limit. His cock pulsates like never before, it tears his outfit to shreds as a long continuous thick orgasm gushes from his cock. Nathan is so turned on by this he allows the spell to take a effect on him as well. He opens his shorts and feels the magic slide his tight foreskin back further then it's ever been pulled. His deep red head sizzles and shines in the moon light. His throbbing cock head gives off a slightly musky scent that his channeled directly into Demitiris nostrils by magic. His blue eyes glow, he lets out a sigh as cum pours non-stop from his cock and mixes with demtiris. Unlike Demitri who is being drained, Nathan is getting stronger by the minuet. The orgasms are pure pleasure for him, the warm moist sperm swirling around him refreshes his body.
Demitri on the other hand is filled with unspeakable ecstasy and rage and he struggles to get free, soon he will succumb to the pleasure and collapse limp and exhausted for days...It will be a long time before he thinks about doing this move again.

The colour on Urbanmusiqs Demtiri are outstanding. We went for the lighter blue more present in the original game sprite. Every curve is a delight! His butt is just wicked! The colours really bring out the beauty of both men. Nathan is really sexy this way. Both have the perfect skin tone and Nathans hair is so sexy. I really love how there are different levels of fuzz on his face. That was a really nice touch. I think a lot of people run from facial hair...but I love and appreciate it. :) Urban knows this! ^_-
Check out how even his robotic arm is even glowing! NICE!
I have no idea what muse gave Urbanmusiq the idea of making the cum swirl around Commando Nathan, but if that isn't the craziest hottest thing ever, I don't know what is! I just had the simple of idea of tons of cum gushing all over Bionic like the blood does in the game. Pure genius!
Notice the fire around Demtiri? I cannot believe he included that. He kept telling me had a surprise for me! Very few people include it and it is a very important part of his in game design. It Really pushed the limits of 2D animation back then. It looks so beautiful.
Both cocks are just perfect as well. I could not ask for a better image of this scene. Thank you my friend. You are amazing, there is no other word for it!

Hey this is how much I love the move, I even bought Rikuo in his Mermaid form from the game! And you can see all the effects of this grimly funny move in the youtube link below. You thought Darkstalkers was just DARK didn't you? NOPE!

Midnight Bliss Showcase!

Shit I am tired...and I have so much else to share.

OK lets move on the Jacy's new masterpiece. I feel bad that I keep using this word, but there simply is no better way to describe the talents of this beautiful young woman. Jacy always outdoes herself. This time the subject was Spot from Class Comics. Jacy had a few questions about him for me and I did my best to describe him physically to her. But she doesn't need my help! For here he is, like a living breathing model, Surfer Spot!

Jacys Spot is a tall beautiful male specimen. He has one of the most gorgeous faces she has ever done. His eyebrows are just outstandingly beautiful. I love the trunks she gave him. His sweet chest and elongated torso makes you just want to grab him and hold his close. If I can be so bold, I would love to compare this to the works of Charles R. Knight..ok so I like prehistoric stuff, sue me! Really this image is so life like, the sky and beach mixed in with Spots beautiful form takes your breath away. He is amazing as he stands to be worshiped in the mid morning air, like a lost species from some forgotten time.

Jacy's nude Spot presents to us one of her greatest cocks. It's nicely shaped with a beautiful vein running down it, reaching the well detailed wrinkles of his foreskin. If you take a good look at his collar you can see a reflective light in the shape of a cross. A very fitting for a surfer, well to me anyway! XD Excellent Work Jacy! Is this her Magnum Opus? ^_^

Speaking of beauty at the beach, do you know the very talented artist ConnyChiwa? Her soft core sexy anthro boys are beloved around many internet sites. She has taken some very strange creatures and turned them into some of the sexiest guys and girls around. Well late last year I approached her about doing an image featuring a few of my boys. I discussed a couple ideas and in the end we decided on this image I am about to very proudly present to you. I have been a fan of her work for some time and was very grateful for the opportunity to have her take on my boys. She took particular interest in my prehistoric reptile boys Steko and Trevor. I envision the two as eternal lovers and the best of friends, despite their physical differences. Trevor lives right on the beach and Stekos village is very close by. They can easily spend every hour together, hunting and playing along the beach. Here, Trevor is giving Steko the ride of his life, allowing him to water ski through the power of flight. Enjoy this heart warming and delightful image. There won't be anything like to grace this blog for some time. ^_^

The salty sea air beats against Steko, never has he felt so light, free and in love.

One thing I have to give Conny credit for is the amount of questions she had for me regarding species, colours and design. She was very interested in these characters and it shows in the incredible details, like Stekos spikes, the shining scales on his body and those amazing feet. Trevor looks wild with that full thick head of hair, strong nose and stunning wings. I like the little cuts she added. Very cute!
All this was done by hand and at one point poor Steko was white. I really have to make the fact that he is black more clear... :( But she was able to fix it and he turned out to have a gorgeous skin colour in the end. No offense to white people! XD Trevor was originally gonna be a black character with dreads but his last two arts has convinced me that he should more East Indian/Guyanese in decent. I guess he is kind of an ancestor to my Roshawn... XD

Thank you ConnieChiwa, I can't wait to get this in the mail! It will look great framed on my wall, a shining symbol of young innocent, pure, gay freedom. I hope this images inspires and empowers a few young man to be proud of themselves.

OK let's not leave the beach just yet!!!!
Guess what I got to show? Cameo Fight night 3! HA HA! But this time Joey has met his match thanks to MiOworks and Ink-B! I had to snag a commission from MiOworks again and since Ink did such a fantastic job on the Punch Out image I asked him to please colour this too. Set on a beach, Joey can't hold back his load as the one and only Rikuo jerks it out of him. Joey looks sorry that he couldn't out last Rikuo, but no worries cause Rikuo is going to let out his load as well. The Merman will soon join his new friend in mutual orgasm moment.

Two gorgeous figues engage each other on a dreamy beach. A simply wonderful image drawn up for me by two wonderful young men.

I really love the take on Rikuo here, his legs are so long! Soooooo sexy! HA HA HA. He has a very handsome face and his eyes are very mischievous indeed! Love those eyebrows. Look how big and thick that foreskin on Rikuo is! OMG! It's huge as it covers the bottom top of his massive head! Just outstanding! Both boys have great abs and chests. MiOworks really did his best to make them so CUTE! Joey is just so pinchable! HA HA HA! Ink put the icing on this double decker cream cake by adding soft water colours and adding an ocean surrounded by the clouds of some sort of dream land. He gave the image a very wonderful fantasy feel.
Thanks boys! I can't tell you how amazing this combined effort is properly in words.
And thanks to Caravaggia who encouraged me to explore more video game themed commissions again! Boy is that paying off, or what!? ^_^

OK last but in no way least is a surprise treat. I bet NO ONE saw this coming! But The great Dongsaeng just finished his commission for me. So, I thought why not add to the fun? OMG I was the worst customer EVER during this commission. I was so out of it! I did the idea up the morning I got the comm slot and was so sloppy in my first replies regarding the image. (I didn't take a good look at the image and sent questions from work, that didn't make much sense..never will I do that again. XD) Thankfully Dongsaeng is a total professional and waited till I got home and but my eyes in my head before making any moves. I gotta hand it to him. He is always such a major sweat heart. It doesn't take long to realize why he is in such demand. Anyone that can move faster on an image then I can, that is ready with an update before I can blink, is tops in my book! HA!
This was great, actually all the art was, cause this week my dog fell ill and getting all the e-mails and updates really kept my spirits up. (He is fine now, but I was really upset for two days.)
Anyway..enough babbling about my bumbling! The idea was a not so simple a bucocky picture featuring all my favorite Barbarians!

The issue was placing the characters, how they should sit, how the angle of the image should look and who should be doing what. Dongsaeng first attempt was great, but then I suggested laying Zahn out in the middle of the image and the rest just fell right into place. I could not believe the speed at which he worked.

After a long meal the three Warriors settle in for a long nap in the seclusion of a cave. From the Prehistoric valleys forests they spot a Cat man. Camili-Cat wonders into the cave. The men take a great interest in him. He is hungry and they feed him some brontosaurus ribs. As he consumes the meat in the warm glow of the fire, he watches the men admiring his thick uncut penis. He wipes his lips and proceeds to show the men the wonders of a circle jerk.
Zahn Lays down wrapping his hands around Cam and Conans cocks, flapping the foreskins up and down till Cam starts to cum. Delighted Zahn rubs the cum into his chest. Over excited by the site before him, Conan feels a tingle in his balls and milks his own cock all over Zahn as well. He-man who was also laying down rears up to watch the action as Conan brings his cut meat ever closer to orgasm. What will happen next?

This image is bound to become legendary! Dongsaeng only opens commissions up about twice a year and since my last two were gifts, I had to make this one really count! Knowing how well he did Conan, how could I not ask for more of him? His Conan is cute and sexy! He had some issues placing He-Man cause he didn't want him in the same pose as Conan. (Such a fantastic artists he really worked hard at making the image special for me.) I suggested standing, pulling out of Zahns butt, or genuflecting, but Dong had a better idea, sitting right on his bum! He's like a helpless youth as Conan strokes his cut cock to completion. He so lovable! Look at that face! What a puppy dog expression. XD Big kudos to Dongseang for doing a circumcision scar on He-Man. He did a great job on it. Very life like. :)

All the guys are so perfectly built! Such big frames and juicy muscles. Zahns cock is standing testament to thickness! :P I love the colours chosen for Cam. And Dongseang added his own personal touches to his eyes, giving them a black sclera giving him a bit of a barbarish look. This along with the lighting, bones and cave setting made for an atmosphere that takes the viewer to another place lost in the darkness of time. Like Astasia666's Chiida this image has a very secluded safe feel to it that will send you imagination into over drive!

Have a look at the creative process!

An Early Sketch, you can see Conan and He-Man in a similar same pose.

Zahn doesn't have his boot yet cause we were not sure if he should have it on his other leg. I said go for it, it's nice to do something different! As you can see Dongsaeng was wanting to do something special with He-man. Right after this inspiration struck him. ^_^

Thanks for all the wonderful art you guys. This has been one exciting week to say the lest. More to come!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cameo Fight Night 2, Maduinshorn, Fallen and Urban really hit the Spot!

Woo doggy do I have some art to lay on you people today! I have been all about Spot and Joey lately, sitting thinking up idea after idea for them. I have so many, I couldn't possibly commission them all! I have found Spot to be such a cool character. The boys is oozing with personality and potential. I just can't wait for his first comic to come out.
You have all seen Joey Vs. Spot by Fallenangel, well at the exact same time as that image was being done, I shot Maduinshorn a request for a continuation of the image. I really love his work. (No duh!) I just had to see how he would take on Spot, Cam, Joey and someone else as well...get ready for this, the image being dubbed his greatest work ever, his master pizza, by those in that have been fortunate enough to already see it, Class Boxing Orgy

That's gotta be illegal..but I hope it's not! XD

As always the boys are all so big, buff and so freaking hot! I love Cams facial expression as he takes that big black cock! Cam is spot on. Frig, he is so hot with his hair slicked back in the bow tie. His colours are perfect, just perfect. Imanno is not only , he has great pose too! I love him curiously looking over the ropes, grabbing them and casually enjoying his blow job. Take a look at what is going on behind his back! Cam is working more then his cock....Who is Imanno? Better pick up Felinoids 3!!!

Joey is fantastic! His arm raised in victory as he slams poor spots butt is just too cool. HA HA HA! Check out the wrinkles on the shaft as it is shoved in his love hole with force. Love his rippling muscles. Joey looks very masculine with that beard! Spot and Joey have great shine and shading. Spot is in the exact position I was hoping he could be right from the start. His expression, face body are perfect. He is so hot, with his eyes closed and his big penis flopping down spreading his balls like that. (Reminds me of the porn star Brad Patton.) Love his huge legs, they are beautiful. WOW man, get me some tissues... :P

Imanno is a very interesting character. As he developed he actually grew some facial hair and got a few more cuts. Unable to decided which was hotter, Maduinshorn gave me a version with and with out the goatee. Take a look!

The process was really smooth as it always with Maduinshorn. I don't think I have ever posted his wonderful sketches here, so I would love to share them today. As you can see his images come together perfectly right from the start.

The flat colours bring everything into perspective! XD

FallenAngels wicked image of Joey and Spot prompted me to ask him for a couple solo images of the two. He did Spot first. I was gonna be a jumping fetch image, but in the end we went for a sitting position. Have a look at this beef cake!

I like how big and broad his shoulders are compared to his cute little head! He is so innocent grabbing that male bone! XD Fallen gave him huge pectorals that are very fitting, he seems to be enjoying flexing them as his giant cock squirts it's load. Very hot, you might even notice his cute pink butt hole is showing as well...nice touch! I think that is the first time I ever saw Fallen draw one that way. XD (Blush.) I saw this porn where I guy flexes his arm against his cock till it came once...this reminds me of it a bit. XD I wish I could find that porns name.

Next check out FallenAgnels Joey, which is just too sweet for words. He gave him what I feel is his is one of his most handsome faces ever. Love the high forehead and his dreamy eyes.

Pound that bag stud!

I like the motion of the boxing. That is neat! The background with the window gives it a very secluded feel.^_^ He is safe to work out alone in the quiet basement. Fortunately for us he is not very disciplined and his mind has turned to thoughts of hot that HUGE cock and well done thick wrinkly foreskin. YUMMY! XD I think his tail actually adds a lot to this as well. It's very cute, flopped on the floor much like a dinos! XD

I love this so much, I thought I would share some of the creative process too!

Three awesome poses Fallen let me choose from. He is very nice that way, if it isn't working he just suggest something else right away. This is like a boy buffet!
I really love the jumping one as well. Should we do that some day?

Sketch before Joey went to colour. He was originally going to be flaccid, but somehow he wound up hard..I guess he is too in love with his own little self!

And now a surprise image indeed...Urbanmusiq has a couple commissions in the works for me. This boy and ghouls is just the start of some very HUGE things to come. A masterpiece of perfection, capturing the very essence of my puberty spent by the pool, I give you Spot on the Water!

This is so great, I have 80's music ringing in my head as I write this...let's hear it for the boy...Leon De Leon...XD Yes the second I looked at this I was lost in the shine and sparkle. The images pink and blue transported me back to my puberty, back when these Miami Vice colours were on everything I owned.. XD I was 12 years old again in my mind, running my skinny ass around the pool listening to 80's pop on my boom box spying on all my siblings friends in their tight little speedos... XD Hey, I was curious! Hee hee.
Spot is PERFECT. This might very well be Leons most warm and inviting image ever.
Even his cock is shining in the sun! What a wicked ass touch! Urbanmusiq has this thing for doing armpit hair so well and I often comment on it. I usually shave mine off, but I wouldn't if I could grow it like this! His fuzzy armpit hair is really nice.
Just check out his shy little um..puppy dog eyes and wonderful lips. If this was a poster you would have to stop your friends from kissing it! ^_^ His facial hair is amazing. To me Spot looks like a beautiful black man/dog cross and Urban was able to give him the most fitting head.
Love the foreskin and how you can make out the details of the head below the shaft. This is having a hard time fighting for my favorite part when I see those big detailed pink nipples. WOW! You just want to squeeze, bite and play with those! XD The shading and water effects are just to good to explain in words. You know, I hate to brag on my own blog, but I often think of an idea with an artist in mind, cause I can usually gauge how they will approach it. Just like with the boxing image for Maduinshorn, this image was made just for Urbanmusiq. I knew he would do this perfectly and he not only met my expectations but exceeded them ten fold.
I guess I really should post his sketch here too...well if someone requests it in the comments i will... XD


Guys if the world was a freer place I would hang each and everyone one of these on my wall in big gold frames.

If you think these are some of the greatest ever to hit this blog, well just wait till you see what's coming next! See you soon guys!

If you haven't seen his official art as yet, take a look at his official Wallpaper from Class Comics!

Class Comics - Home of the Erotic Gay Comic!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom 1st commission...And Darkstalkers Demitri!

The day it came out, I got the wonderful game Tatsunoko VS. Capcom. It's a laugh riot. I found it really easy to get into and play. My buddy and I played late into the night. It is guaranteed to take you back to the turn of the century when Capcom cross over games were still all the rage. Ha I felt 18 again! LOL. While playing it I of course noticed that some of these characters were really sexy and some pairings need to be done. I kept thinking about Ken the Eagle. I think Battle of the Planets with the first Anime I can remember watching. I remember fighting with my brother over not wanting to to watch it many times. XD Of course I did like the show a lot, but had seen all the episodes more then enough then any 5 year old could handle. Well many moons have passed since then and I had long forgotten how hot Ken was. The artwork in the game quickly reminded me. I also go to thinking we need to do some crazy cross overs with characters that didn't make it.
So I asked kamagi06 to take on Ken Meeting my old fav Donovan. Here we go!

This image started off a bit differently. I asked Kagami to rip open Kens outfit, but when I saw it I realized his soft smooth costume is much sexier left intact. He really did these two justice. His Donovan is a vision of loveliness. That cock is one for the record books. It's rare to see such a gorgeous and thick foreskin on such a regal head and shaft. Truly a masterpiece of design. The foreskin pull going on with Ken is rare to see as well. Very intriguing! Gotta love hard nipples pushing through that erotic! Donovan could fit right in a Capcom manual! HA! The background is very dreamy as well. It is based on Donovans from Nightwarriors, topped with nice sparkling balls, making the image that much more romantic. Kagami06 didn't need much direction at all, the whole thing came together quickly and smoothly.

I noticed that Shanaou was doing requests and I just could not help but ask for her to take on Demitri and Rikuo involved in some friendly foreskined frot. She is one of the nicest new talents to arrive on YG. Still, I was so afraid to ask!

I was totally blown out of the water by this. First off, it was up before I could blink and second off it features one of the most rich colouring jobs outside of Capcom official art I have ever seen. You feel like you can reach out and feel the silk of Demitris outfit and the soft smooth skin of Rikuos face.

I have to give partial credit to Urbanmusiq who's love of the vampire prompted me to to request him. Oh I love Demitri to no end as well, he is one of my favorites, but I often forget to request him.

My reaction:

Wow this is just fantastic. The colours are so vibrant and both are so dang sexy. I love the foreskin action, especially with Dimitri. The foreskin wrinkles are so well done and life like. Rikuos face is so handsome. His nose is very cute! His frills and details are beautiful. Dimitri is very sexy and desirable. Love the glowing eyes and his big rippling muscles. Your art is always so outstanding. Thanks so much for drawing this for me! :heart:

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Adonix

Today I honor the man who has been my rock this last year, Adonix. It's his 26th birthday today. I always talk about all the things he has done for me. Well this year, I wanted to make some of his wishes come true. I got together as many artists as I could and asked them to take on either Prince Athan, or Adonix favorite Final Fantasy characters of all time Squall and Basch.
Today I am gonna drop a load of art on this blog, the amount of which I don't think I ever have before. In order to get this blog done, I am afraid I do not have time to praise each image in detail like I usually do. Each and every artist have been told in private how very much I appreciated all their work. Hopefully in time I will be able to give these the praise they truly deserve. I think you all from the bottom of my heart and to Adonix I wish you the very best year ever. May these images help guide and inspire you to take your art to new heights.


The original Athan by Adonix.

Athan, engulfed in the protective swirl of his wolf Familiar by Artisg. Such a calming image!

Athan controling his powers by Guytoonist23. He looks like he belongs on a trendy T-Shirt. Simply gorgeous!

A savage beauty, Athan swings in for a party with his creator, by the wonderful Jcartblog.

Athan enjoys a quiet day fishing with his best friend at his side, by the great FallenAngel.

A hauntingly beautiful Athan sombers across the beach with his wolf by his side done by the kind Buddhathegod.

Uly's gift is a vision of beauty, a fully rendered 3D Athan!!!!

Caravaggia's created the cutest Athan and he has discovered birthday treasures!

Urbanmusiqs Athan is vision of primordial power, Athan as young man, more savage, possibly with uncontrolled powers...

Yelmos Athan is simply the incarnation of the lost summer days of youth.

Demona created the most adorable Chibi Athan! He is sneaking some cake... XD So cute!

Care to take a bite? MT Copyright Presented Adonix with the naughtiest, wildest Athan ever! What a wicked appearence he has! HA HA HA! So Naughty!

Demona also Drew Athan Juggling Torches late into the night for his creators big day. I love the lanky look she gave him and that long neck is hot sexy. It adds to the mystique of his species.

Crimsonblood created a shiny and sexy Athan! XD He looks like a 1920's Arabian lover entering his harem! XD Hee hee. Nice Belly button! You can open a Soda Pop bottle in that strong hole! Check out the hint of a palm tree in the background.

Space Reserved for 1 more image! Stay tuned! ^_^

Final Fantasy Birthday Dreams:

A Final Fantasy fan herself my old friend Tonberryknight had a lot of fun pairing these two at Adonix dream party! Looks like they are gonna ice the cake! XD (Love the Chocobo.)

JCartblog gave Adonix a strong looking Basch getting a hand job from Squall at a save point. Game on! ^_^ Very hot...I love his hair so much!

Kind and Gentle Dongsaeng provided a very bara birthday gift! Squall feeds Basch a sundae in the night air of early spring. How cute is this?

Instead of fighting in the world of Dissidia Caravaggia has these sexy guys joining forces...Squalls hair is so sexy. ^_^

I invite all artists to place their birthday wishes in the comments section.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Special Cameo Fight Night!

Hey guys! It's a cold and rainy Saturday here in Canada, so I thought why not pass the time with a blog? My old buddy Jcartblog is looking for commissions to help him with his school fees and I have been shooting a lot of ideas his way. I asked Crimsonblood if it was ok to commission his character Shin so the world could enjoy him JC style. He was more then happy to see what JCartblog would come up with, so I gave the project the green light. To be honest, this image I am about to share was originally going to be 2 separate images. I quickly got the idea to combine the two ideas and I am happy I did. This is one of Jcartblogs most animated, sexy and fun images ever!


Can you believe he did this all in one day? Yep, I watched as every so often he sent me update after update. It was really cool and frustrating to witness, cause I was at work I could not sneak a peek at the good stuff! HA HA HA!
The background text is super old school. Reminds me of a lot of things including old NES game text. Really love the colours chosen for Joey, his skin colour and cock head colour go so well together. He has great legs and a wicked pose. This new style for his ears is really great too. They have a very thin soft tone to them and pointed up like that, they are very dramatic. Both boys have been shaded perfectly, with beautiful chests and strong abs. Shin is a delight too. I was really happy to see JC take him on and give him so much love. He's got great facial features and yeah, I just had to request a ripped speedo! (Crimsonblood so does love speedos! Me too! XD)

Thanks JC I hope you get many more commissions!

Keeping with the Joey theme, you guys are going faint when you see this sexy bomb of a boy toy done by the artists C & R. After the Lil'Deep and Romer Masterpiece, I could resist asking for one more commission from these hard working and totally charming guys. I very proudly present their newest pin up:

I would travel the Outback just to be with him, wouldn't you?

This version of Joey had me shaking with excited joy! He's so freaking gorgeous! Check out how utterly powerful and well built his upper torso is. They really enjoyed working on him. They gave him great new feet! They looked at real Kangaroos to come up with those sexy legs and big toes. It's great when people add to a creation like this. It does my heart good to know they are having fun. It was also nice going over his foreskin details (I got a chance to show my love and expertise on the subject! LOL) Gotta love that big cock head poking out of that thick skin. Put your tongues back in your mouths! XD The outfit, his shorts and the hat are all just wonderful! WTJohns ideas have become a staple of his outfit. It's funny, I was hoping they would do an outback themed background like this! Talk about reading my mind. XD What a stunning figure he makes against the beating sun and hard cracked desert ground. Truly a masterpiece of erotic art. :)

Speaking of great artists, I have three more images to share today. I was thinking of doing them as a separate blog post dedicated to Lunis, but they didn't make it on my last blog due to my illness, so the heck with it. I like putting everyones great work on display together. More fun!
I got this nice gift in my inbox last week. Ink-B took on Lunis again. This time giving his a sexy bulging speedo cupped by two swords... ^_^ This is one yummy sketch!!

Don't you just love wild and messy hair? Ink has giving him a untamed, unkempt, nature boy look to Lunis. His hair tells a thousand stories. I like how he added all the lose strings hanging from him, giving him the appearance of a character from an old story book. I also like the cat nose he decided to bestow upon him. Very nice touch! He's a stunning figure in true Ink-B style, hot, sexy and desirable! ^_^ Thanks Ink!

Lunis has been getting a lot of love. I asked Sirio to take him on too! I picked a very dramatic pose and Sirio gave me a hot dramatic picture!

Sirio gave him wicked ass feet and a huge kick ass sword. (It's supposed to be the horn from a giant Rhino.) Gotta enjoy that puffy chest! This is a perfect image of him and the it was made even better by the colours done by Caravaggia. You'll get swept away by that out of control Savannah storm! I was shocked she outdid her previous background from Bionic Commando. The whole image has so much unreleased power and furry. Lunis looks like he could pounce of the page, everything has come together so perfectly. These two complement each other so much. I really love how Sirios arts is so cute and animated. I never would have thought this guy could look so cool!

To help solidify that Lunis is a moon creature I asked FallenAngel to take on a very special image on him. I wanted to see him surfing on a crescent moon. This one took a couple forms as I didn't explain myself well enough. Something I have fallen into the habit of these last two weeks with my terrible health and over excitement. All that really had to be done was to flip the moon to the position you see it in. Fallen got Lunis down pat right away. He's wicked as expected by FallenAngels hands.

FallenAngels depiction of Lunis sailing the twilight sky, patrolling for potential lovers...the colours give it such an late spring early summer feel.:

In this image I wanted to make it clear he is uncut as well. All the other images have his foreskin folded around the base of his head so people were asking me if he was circumcised. Fallen provided a nice thick foreskin for the fans! ^_^
I really love his chest and legs! His hair is so smooth looking. The little stars and the moonboard take me back to a time of innocents I spent exploring Super Mario World in the winter of 1992. The image has a very familiar and welcoming feel to it. This is one for my wall. :)
Thanks everyone! This blog has been a delight and breeze to do, fueled by such wonderful images by such great people.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dream Commission from the Legendary AbsolutBleu! Prehistoric Hunks, Kangaroos, Cyborgs and More!

OK guys I'm just gonna kick right into this, if you don't know who Absolutbleu is you should go check out his blog and Y!Gallery page right now, cause he is one of the best and most influential gay artists of our time. I think he was the second person I discovered on Y!Gallery. He is know for cute, big buff men always having a great time. His art has a very happy inviting tone to it. I am honored to present this commission for the first time ever on my blog. He took on both my boys, Dimata, Smilo and included Ice-Man as well. Here is He-Man meeting my boys in a gay little Prehistoric Paradise....

Bleu took Dimata back to his original design, giving him a huge body and super long tusks. He looks like he is exhausted and dripping in the sweat of a long love making secession. XD With out a doubt, he's one of the cattiest Dimatas ever. His expression as he cums, with his ears drooping like that is priceless.
Absolutbleu had a ton and I mean a ton of questions for me. Everything from exact species, to the height and official colours of the characters were all very important to him. He as you can see did a very different and sexy version of Smilo. Making him all yellow and creating a bridge of hair between his eyebrows and hair. Very creative and ingenious. :)
The image changed a lot from start to finish. My original placement very different from the image you see before you. Bleu suggested this pose, which I feel in love with. It then went through a few more minor changes and touch ups along the way. Every stage went smoothly and quickly.
The end result is nothing less then a sexy masterpiece. It's like a painting, the boys had a very three dimensional feel. He-Man is just so hunky, I love the use of shadows on his outfit and the wonderful highlights in his hair. You can fell the fleeting warmth of the ancient Arctic sun. His uncut dick spewing tons of cum all over Smilos bountiful ass, will have guys dripping for years to come! XD
The background with the mountains, the swirling wind and the the sun light rising from behind them adds the feeling of place far from civilization, a cold lonely place lost and forgotten, where untold adventures and passions once raged.
Thanks so much man for this!

Since we are on the subject of well respected artists and Dimata, here is another wonderful image done by JCartblog. You guys remember his image of Dimata, it was so handsome, it's a shame I waited so long to ask him to draw him again. This time he paired him with the Slothman Garra. Check it out!

Just check out that chest and torso on Dimata! He is BUILT! Love the way his hair is placed around the top of his chest, then curls in the middle between those massive pectorals. What a friggen hunk and a half! The colours on the Sloth are just perfect, I am loving the dreads on his head and those cute ears! He is letting Dimata have his fun, but looks like he could take control any second. ^_^ This is all just so beautiful. The cocks are out so thick and sexy. The cave is wonderful with that view of a lost world through the opening, you can smell the misty air.
Thanks JC!

Now if that was not enough I have a lot more to share. I added a new poll, check it out. I think it's time that I moved on to more story driven images, even comics. I had a lot of fun working with FallenAngel last fall making a comic like set of commissions, so I want to explore that again. I recently wrote a short story for Carlos and Christer to explain their relationship a bit better. I need to find someone to take on this project. SO expect that some time, some day.. ^_^

For now I gotta show you all this image of Carlos Jcartblog did of him playing B-ball on the streets on NYC. It's really hot!!! Look at the size of that super big cock he gave him!!! He turned out really hot and sexy indeed. He used the design Lastmanouthere created as a basis and as I said with that image I do love that version of his shirt a lot. He also gave him a mesh arm covering as well, that looks great! A new sexy feature is always welcome.

Maduinshorn is such a great guy in so many ways. This guy loves to draw so much. This was a image he drew after i told him about Christer. He sent me a sketch the next day, I was really turned on and over the next couple weeks he finished it off for me. I love Chibbi Carlos!! XD

Here you really get a feeling for the size difference between the two characters. Christer is brick shit house of a boy. His skin shines with perfect colours, giving him a smooth appearance. It's like the shell of tasty man candy. I kinda want to suck on his chest! LOL. Love his glittering gems! His muscles are stunning, strong huge arms, rocky features, juicy uncut cock. Maduinshorn gave him a much rockier appearance then I could have drawn. I like the cracks on the body and how the arms are done in sections. Very creative indeed and sexy too...especially those knuckles with spikes on them! The guy's a mastermind. Mad was not sure if the Chibbi Carlos should stay, but it makes the image so funny and cute and this actually helped me come to terms with Carlos personality and their relationship too. Thanks man. People don't always realize how much seeing a character drawn with love and care professionally fuels me and helps me come up with more ideas, etc.

Following that theme of BUILT boys, take a look at Rikuo by Hoaigon, I can tell you that you have never seen him like this before!

Rikuo the Brazillian Masterpiece of Hoaigon.

You know that feeling when you see something and your heart falls into your stomach? That was my reaction to this. It is hard to put it into words that's for sure. He's statuesque, like a mythological God, he has never been presented so beefy, so pure and sexy. His eyes and face draw you in and whip your heart into a frenzy. His body would send men jumping into the ocean. There is so much to give praise about here, even the pearl has a reflection on it. I didn't think Hoaigon could out do himself after the last commission, but he did so and incited me to order more commissions form him. ^_^ An image Capcom would be proud to include as official art. Minus that sweet uncut cock of course... XD Truly a underrated artist people will benefit from meeting and exploring the gallery of.

Once again my buddy Inky-B has come through for me! He shocked me with this image of Joey early this week. I have been dying to share it on this blog! Never has he looked so rugged and sexy!!!! Check it!

It's scruffy and sexy Joey!!! Ink was going for a Hugh Jackman look!
This is a new wicked look for him! His hair is like he is right out of the shower and his facial hair is growing and manly! He is really strong looking and tough here. A powerhouse of sexuality.
His arms and legs, I just want to squeeze them! They are so BIG!!!! WOW! Can you imagine being that built? I could lie on top of him all day! LOL. He looks very strong, but also agile. I really love the colours used, they really add flavor to the image. Making it look very warm. Like his body is pulsating heat from working out...hard to explain, but it looks like he was working out and is full of strength. ^_^
I love his blond pubic hair! That is gonna stay part of his design. The feather is a great touch too! Very stylish.
Thanks Ink! This year he published an image showing how his style has changed and his art has improved over the last 7 years, It's an amazing journey and one that will inspire a lot of young artist to stick to their dreams. The ability to show this to a wide audience is something that was needed in generations past. In this day and age it is great to be able to share this with the world and get feedback from others. You can see it on his Deviantart page.

I have been really sick this last week and these images really kept me going. Sadly I am starting to hit the wall again, my head is starting to spin. So I have to cut this blog a little short, before I pass out. I will end this with another great Joey Image. This one by the ever talented FallenAgnel.

Joey Takes on Spot from Class Comics as Cam Lovingly explains the rules.

This just might be the first ever fan art of Spot from Class Comics! I know this is the first Triple Frot I ever asked for. Man that's really precum inducing! Spot is a really cute character and I knew Fallen would do him justice. He's got some great strong legs, a cute adorable face and and nice thick well detailed uncut cock. Joey is just perfect. He's got wonderful colours. I really like the dark skin against the light blue kerchief. I asked Fallen to make his ears bigger. (I could see where he shrunk them in the sketch.) I told him his original impulse was right and they turned out really cool. As you can see Inks feather made it into an image already! Looks great! His face is so handsome and his hair so perfect. Cam is always great by Fallen. I like the details on his spongy cock head were the crown divides in the front. You know you want to stick your tongue in there! From the first time I saw Spot, I imagined him as a fighter. He looks like he has a lot of spirit and strength. A protective and loyal character. I hope you guys like enjoy this concept.


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